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Written by Mrs. Doreen Tamminga
There they stand at the front of the church, three bridesmaids, their dresses so bright, next to the three ushers and groom. The little flower girl stands there too, nervously clutching her basket of flowers. Suddenly all eyes turn to the back of the church as the music swells louder. The groom stands still, his eyes fixed on the doorway at the end of the aisle. Anticipation is written on every face. At last the bride appears, dressed in white, holding her father’s arm. The audience stands as the processional begins. Smiles light every face, and cameras flash as the bride slowly makes her way to the front of the church. A smile lights her face too, but her eyes are on the groom, the young man waiting there for her at the end of the aisle. This is the day she has long been planning for. This is the hour she has long been waiting for. This is the moment she has long been dreaming of.
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