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Local Church Events

Written by Rev. J.W. Wullschleger
This is the first month we share what we have gleaned from the churches. We thank those that have started sending their church bulletins. We do like to see some more, though!

Grand Rapids, Michigan
We learned that a group of 14 people from the Grand Rapids congregation is preparing for a mission trip to Guatemala. This will take place from March 28 to April 11, the Lord willing. The purpose of their trip is to add to the building at camp Canaan, to accommodate more sleeping space for the underprivileged children who spend time there. We wish them a safe trip and a good time at this mission field! It would be interesting and also stimulating for others to have a report of their trip in our Mission insert in The Messenger.

Monarch, Alberta
We received some encouraging news from the Monarch congregation. They have outgrown their present facilities and are in the process of finalizing plans for a new sanctuary. The new sanctuary will be attached to the old one. It will probably have a seating capacity for 350 persons. At their congregational meeting in December it was decided to set aside $50,000 per year for the building fund. The congregation is very thankful for two donations they received since this decision. The respective amounts were $50,000 and $25,000. The estimated cost of the sanctuary will be in the area of $750,000.

Lacombe Mission Station, Alberta
In the home mission station of Lacombe, Alberta., two elders and a deacon were installed in the month of January. At their first meeting with the Monarch consistory they communicated via telephone--a first I think in our denomination! We can understand the reason for this. Monarch and Lacombe are about a four-hour drive apart. The Monarch consistory meets every three months in Calgary with the steering committee of Calgary and the consistory members from Lacombe.

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