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Introducing Rev. Evert & Rina Everts

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With gratitude to God, the Foreign Missions Committee of the Free Reformed Churches is happy to inform you that Rev. Evert and Rina Everts have been appointed to replace Rev. Ken and Jackie Herfst when the latter repatriate to North America. Rev. and Mrs. Everts have five children and come to us from Ulrum, the Netherlands, where Rev. Everts has for the last nine years served our Òsister-church,Ó the Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken (CGK).

The Everts responded to the notice placed in the publication, De Wekker. They and another applicant were interviewed in the Netherlands by Revs. Pronk and Schouls on September 20th, 2000. A Colloquium Doctum was conducted by the External Relations Committee on November 25th with the outcome that Rev. Everts could be accepted and recommended to our denomination as a minister. Following this, they were interviewed by the entire Mission Committee and were accepted as our mission workers. Throughout the process, it became very clear that this family is committed and convinced that this is of the Lord. Since the beginning they have not wavered in that conviction and they convey a real sense of peace.

From January 10 to January 19, 2001, Rev. Everts and his wife spent time in Guatemala, in the company of Rev. Bergsma, to have a closer look at the work on the mission-field. After spending this time with the Everts on the mission field, including a trek into one of the aldeas, Rev. Bergsma reported to the Mission Committee, ÒI believe we may see the providential hand of the Lord in giving us the Everts, that they may build on the foundation, which Rev. Herfst has been given to establish.Ó After the visit to the mission field, Rev. Everts himself reported: ÒIt was good that we could make the decision already beforehand, and now [having been on the mission-field] we are happy to be able to confirm: it is goodÓ (translated from the Dutch).

The Everts have officially said farewell to the churches of Ulrum/Lutjegast and have begun full-time study and preparation at the IRTT (Institute of Reformed Theological Training) in Zwolle under the directorship of Ben van der Lugt. The IRTT is an interdenominational mission institute focusing on the education and training of missionaries and is highly recommended by our sister CGK mission board. Courses include Missiology, Regiokunde (knowledge of the region), professional and communicative skills, and management/leadership skills. The Everts have also begun intensive Spanish language lessons at Tahon Talenprakticum in Zwolle. Rev. Everts writes ÒStudying requires much effort. But we know for what we are doing it. And most important: the Lord is our Help. He will make all things wellÉÓ

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