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Annual Radio Broadcast Report 2001: A Macedonian Call

Written by C & F Pronk
Although in a different way than the apostle Paul received his Macedonian vision, we hope that this report of responses to the radio broadcast will result in a ÒMacedonian callÓ to keep on supporting this mission work with your prayers and financial support. We are so humbled and so encouraged by what God is doing to draw people from all over the world to Himself and instruct them by way of our denominationÕs radio program. It is evident that Òthe fields are white for harvest,Ó whether it is in Africa or in our American and Canadian neighborhoods. By sharing some of the letters received this past year, we hope you will catch the ÒvisionÓÑa view of how you can be involved in supplying spiritual food for those who hunger for a deeper knowledge of God, especially in so-called Third World countries.

This year again, most of the letters received were in response to the short wave station from Equatorial New Guinea into West Africa, reaching listeners in Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia--English-speaking countries. If it is true, as Pan American Broadcasting informs us, that for every writer there are about 1,000 listeners, our weekly program has reached about 400,000 people in those countries alone! The short wave station that covers parts of the United States also receives interesting responses. Other areas, Michigan, Washington State, lower British Columbia mainland, and increasingly Southern Ontario, continue to draw listener responses. It is significant that the names of the Canadian listeners increasingly reflect the multicultural make-up of its population--and very few Dutch-sounding names!

Here are extracts of letters from Southern Ontario:

Hamilton: I felt I should try and get a copy of É It seemed to me to be a good witnessing tool for those who donÕt yet know the Lord.

Scarborough: Your program has been a blessing to me. I have been a faithful listener to your program for some time nowÉ

Ajax: I am requesting your free transcript of the message on gathering manna.

St. Catharines: I heard your sermon this morning and would like a copyÉ It was a blessing.

Milton: Thank you for helping me to appreciate, understand and love God and His ways.

Kincardine: We are listening to your messages on CKNX É and are very much blessed by themÉ

Belgrave: May I please have a copy of the Easter MessageÉ?

Caledon East: Please would you send me a copy of your message É titled ÒFaith of our Fathers.Ó I enjoyed it very much.

Fisherville: I am a new listener and only heard the closing of SundayÕs message. May I please have a transcript of the message?

Mt. Elgin: Would you please send me a copy of your broadcast aired Dec. 17 on Òlimited atonementÕ? É I appreciate how it was explained and would like some copies when trying to explain it to others.

Flamborough: I have heard this morning, through your message, a message the Lord meant just for me. I have been praying for a long time, even with tears, that He will give me His Words as I witnessÑthat they would be special and words that have eluded me. All I love to speak of to many hurting people is Jesus. Now you have given me the key to being heardÑJesus did not die for all the world! YouÕve helped me to see that the elect will hear, the lost will notÉ Suddenly it became so clear to me in your message this morningÉ My heart tells me that this is the answer from the Lord, since I have been realizing that sharing that He died for all was leaving my friends believing that being as good as possible was all they needed to doÉ

Scarborough: I enjoy listening to your program on Sunday mornings. I am always blessed by what the Lord has to say to me through your programÉ

Due to very high cost and very little response, the New York broadcast had to be dropped. However, there was one email that was very encouraging:

Last night I heard your message on humble prayer. I have been struggling with prayer recently. God has used your message to restore my confidence in prayerÉ God opened my eyes to the truths of the Reformed faith recently. I was earnestly searching for the truth having had a background that was filled with falsehood. First I happened upon the Canons of Dort; then I read the Heidelberg Catechism. I was so impressed with the Heidelberg that I have given it to all my friends. It has been a great witnessing tool. It speaks so much of Christ and his love for usÉ Many of the Protestant churches do not teach doctrine, much less teach from the BibleÉ I get most of my spiritual food from personal study and James Montgomery Boice, Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones and Dr. Barnhouse. May God continue to bless your ministry and use you to reach many more people.

Here are some samples of letters from Michigan:

Zeeland: May I have a tape of the Sunday broadcast from Jan.30, 2000?

New Era: I have been listening to your messages and like them very much.

Holland: May I have a tape of the Sunday broadcast of January 30th?

This is from a long-time listener in British Columbia whose husband passed away:

Coquitlam, BC: Since 1973 we are listening to youÉ For a long time my late husband had taped your messages and when the tape was full gave it to a coworker, a lady from IrelandÉ And after listening to them she passed it on to her pastor. It is like a stone thrown in the water, the rings get bigger till it reaches the other side.

When a radio listener near Seattle was recommended to contact pastor Gangar, he wrote us that he had already done so and would be appearing before the church council that evening, applying for church membership.

A long-time listener in Oregon wrote:

Salem, Oregon: We are in a conservative church where we hear the gospel preached and our minister loves the Reformed faith. We have things in the service that I would rather werenÕt there but we live in a poverty stricken area as far as Reformation teaching goes.

This is the strangest request weÕve ever received:

King City, Oregon: Please send me a copy of your Easter sermon of April 23, 2000, as I plan to have it read at my funeralÉ It was a masterpiece!

The Saturday World-Wide Christian Radio (WWCR) short wave broadcast brought these responses:

Elkhart, Texas: I heard just a few minutes of your broadcast É on WWCR short wave, but did not catch your name. You were preaching on Election and Predestination with the admonition the church needed to return to the Faith of the FathersÉ Over the past 25 years I have served as a Bible teacher, seminar speaker, writer, preacher and Christian radio host around East Texas and Arkansas. The old-time preachers have slowly faded into the background as the modern church has chosen an Easy Believism, childrenÕs programs, entertainment and worldly methods, and the Calvinists are seldom invited to preachÉ

Austin, Texas: This evening I heard your broadcast for the first time and felt compelled to writeÉ More than once I have considered turning off my short wave for good because of the dearth of worthwhile discussion. Tonight I heard more good sense and sound doctrine in fifteen minutes listening to you than IÕm accustomed to hearing in several hours elsewhereÉ The signal was good here in central TexasÉ

Collins, Missouri: Thank you very much for your ÒBanner of TruthÓ short wave radio broadcasts on WWCR. These broadcasts come in clearly and strong in reception here in western Missouri. The messages are a real blessing to me every week, and are Scripturally based from both Old and New TestamentsÉThe messages are easily understood and have practical application.

When we stated in last yearÕs report that many of our responses were coming from African countries, a Reformed professor of world missions wrote us:

É Though western Christians on the whole do not realize it, the majority of ChristÕs followers are now in the so-called Two-thirds World, and there the church is growing fastest. Helping these churches grow in knowledge of GodÕs Word is top priority, as I see it, and the second highest priority is helping them reach out with the gospel to unsaved people in their own countries and beyondÉ

The following letters seem to prove his point and are a sampling. Please note that every letter received a response, some advice and a sample radio booklet, requesting they write again if they wished to be on our mailing list.

Monrovia, Liberia: Your program which is aired on Radio Africa is my favorite. Is it possible for me to serve as your representative in Liberia in order to expand the ministry in this region?

Monrovia, Liberia: I am a struggling Christian, but I want to excel and to be mature and to be victorious in my walk with Christ.

Kaduna State, Nigeria: I am writing to thank you for the booklets that you sent to me. I will like you to send me printed copies of your messages and I will also like you to place me on your mailing list.

Oyo State, Nigeria: I listen to your sermon on Sunday at 7.00 p.m. through my friend who is a member of Radio Africa ListenerÕs Club No. 03596É I enjoyed your sermon.

Wenchi, Ghana: I am a regular listener of your programme on radio Africa and I like your preaching very well and so do my Christian friends.

Kaduna State, Nigeria: I am writing to appreciate your broadcast programme on Radio AfricaÉ The programme is edifying as well as encouraging.

Niger State: Nigeria: (ÒSuccess Medicine StoreÓ): Please kindly assist me to grow in the Lord, with anything of your choice.

Agona-Ashanti, Ghana: IÕm a boy of eighteen years of age and now in Secondary School 2. I want to be a gospel preacher and so kindly send me a Bible.

Brong Ahafo, Ghana: I am a Sunday school teacher and a youth leaderÉ I lack basic Bible study guide so I made up for that lack by listening to Christian radio Gospel broadcasts and those that I believe will be of help. I write to them hence this letter to you. I am finding it difficult to live a wholesome Christian lifeÉI humbly implore you to pray for meÉ

Plateau State: Nigeria: ItÕs a joy to hear you on radio proclaiming the good name of our Lord Jesus to people of Africa. Am your regular listener of your program ÒBanner of Truth.Ó I am really blessed through this ministry.

Barchia Sate, Nigeria: This is to let you know that I am one of your radio listeners in Nigeria. I enjoy your radio message always and I would like to know God moreÉ If you can let me know about the Lord Jesus ChristÉ

Monrovia, Liberia: I am a regular listener of the weekly program ÒBanner of Truth broadcastÉ Since I was invited by my parents, I too, have been inviting my fellow neighbours to tune to this wonderful broadcast and that God may continue to use you and provide the funds for its upkeep on Radio Africa. May God abundantly bless you as you strive to minister to the troubled people of Africa.

Monrovia, Liberia: We, my husband and I are regular listeners to Banner of Truth programÉ We thank you and praise God for the wonderful broadcast on Radio AfricaÉ

Kaduna State, Nigeria: I have been listening to your programÉ It has been a revival to my soul. I pray you should continue and God will be with in Jesus name. Amen.

Oyo State: Nigeria: I am a youth pastor in the headquarters of my denomination [Baptist]. I will be grateful if you can be sending to me Bibles, literature, booksÉ

Delta State, Nigeria: I am a regular listener to your programmeÉ For the past three months my soul has not been at peace because of the message I am getting from your programme. I am confused. I donÕt know what to do. Should I continue in my present destiny or make a change and follow the new way you are trying to portrayÉ Sir, the story you trying to tell me about God and his son sound strange to me. Yet something keeps telling me it is true, there is a God. So my main aim of writing you is to seek for more factsÉ Is there anything you can send me to prove that this God is real? I will be grateful if you can send anything that prove and clarify the issue about GodÉ

Oyo State: Sir, I would like to request from you a prayer to hold me be firm in ChristÉ

Ghana: As a pastor I delight to listen to this programme and derive spiritual nourishment from it. ÓHow beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.Ó É It is a great thing to be a preacherÉ

Kenya (with address change): I am very grateful indeed of all the materials you had sent to us. They have been very educative. We still need your educative materials through the above addressÉ We also need your daily prayers in order to stand strong through Him.

Ghana (no address): By the grace of God I am a young man who has been living in sin. Since all these years, I was carried away by the practice of Islam but thank God for Jesus. I met a pastor friend who I shared the story of my life and he told me about Jesus and his redemption mission and I was savedÉ I felt I could write and explain my problem and need to you.

Oyo State, Nigeria: Sir, I request for Matthew Henry Commentary Bible and other books which is good for Sunday School teacher from you.

Accra, Ghana: I have received parts of 4 & 5 of the First Letter to the Corinthians and I thank you very much for such important study booklets. Meanwhile, I want you to send me the first parts. May God bless you for such important books given to us free of charge.

Ibadan, Nigeria: I have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation more than twice since 1996 that I started constant studying of the Bible. I would also much like to participate in any Bible study and correspondence course, since I wish to refresh my biblical understanding

Ibadan, Nigeria: I heard your sermons on Radio Africa 7190 khz 41 meter through my brother in Christ, who is a member of Radio Africa, listenerÕs club No. 11105.

[Apparently there are clubs where listeners recommend Christian short wave programs to its members, FP].

Oyo State, Nigeria: I have never written to you before, but as a new listener to your programme I shall be very happy if you can send me the first three booklets of Apostle PaulÕs letter to the Corinthians plus the forth and fifth booklets of the series.

Osun State, Nigeria: I was a Muslim before, but now I have been convinced because the Bible says, you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. I will be very happy if you can contribute to my spiritual growth by sending me things which can help me develop spirituallyÉ

Ondo State, Nigeria: I sincerely appreciate your effort in promoting the good news and in assisting converts to hold firmly unto Christ. I pray the Lord will uphold you in Jesus name.

Lagos, Nigeria: I am a regular listener of your programÉ Your teaching has been very helpful in my life. Since I start to listen to your preaching my life has been transformed to a born again Christian. The Lord has done to me that people still wonder if it is really me Ð praise God.

Suame-Kumasi, Ghana: Our fellowship is making evening duties on follow-up to houses, teaching of Christ Jesus to people. I am in need of copies of printed messages in large numbersÉ

Asoom, Nigeria: I only spend little time on studying the word of God due to inadequate Christian materials. If you can be able to provide me the above materials I hope together with your prayers I can be a true Christian.

Requests to translate and publish radio messages have come from several places in India and a pastor in Myanmar. We tried to verify the latter ministerÕs request through a mission to Myanmar. This is the response we received from an Australian Presbyterian minister:

He [the pastor] is a very sincere believer and the people of his church are lovely Christians, although by our standards very poor. The APWM [Australian mission agency] is helping support his work to the tune of É. We have good accountability arrangements so if you did want to send something perhaps you could do it through the É I have seen with my own eyes their work and it is quite legitimate and reaching people for the Lord Jesus in an extremely difficult regionÉ

India: It is my earnest desire and burden in my heart to see your writings printed and published in our Telugu Language, and to be placed in the hands of our Brethren. So their souls may be enlightened in Christ, I am very much interested to translate and publish your book ÒLife of Samson.Ó

Early in the year we received a call from a pastor in southern Ontario who had heard the program on his way to conduct the morning service in his church. He had been very discouraged, but when he heard a radio message in the series of IsraelÕs Wilderness Journey, he received a renewed zeal to preach the Gospel to his congregation. He called to let us know how this message had changed his perspective in regard to his work in the church.

Listeners have shared marriage problems, have prayer requests and are sending emails in response to the FRC website. Radio messages can be read on our website, but some can now also be heard by audio.

We close with a request from a newly ordained pastor in Zambia, a graduate from a Bible College where his Dutch Reformed professor had introduced him to books he greatly desired to have for his ministry. Among them were Collected Writings of John Murray, the Works of Bunyan, The Works of Owen, Lloyd-Jones on Romans and Ephesians, Hendriksen commentaries, Doctrine of God by Smeaton, Come to Me by Tom Wells and others. We were able to help him obtain some of these after he sent two references from his denomination and congregation. He wrote that the mission professor,

has been instrumental in my Christian faithÉ In turn I have also
influenced others with the same theology. However, the plight is
we are finding it too difficult to obtain this type of literature
and it is beyond our book subsidyÉ My message to all Reformed
churches of North America and elsewhere is: we should not only be
proud of our REFORMED HERITAGE but have the same spirit and zeal
which turned on our respective Reformers. May our Lord Jesus
Christ and our God and Father of mercies ever multiply His grace
upon your entire ministry and its beloved partners.

As we are preparing to soon turn the radio ministry over to a new radio pastor, we wholeheartedly and enthusiastically affirm the message of our African colleague and many others who have written us during the past 32 years of radio ministry. Through the radio ministry sponsored by our churches they have testified to the power and truth of the doctrines of GodÕs exceedingly great grace in Christ Jesus. To God be the glory; great things He has done!

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