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Written by Miss Doreen Roth
This month we will look at the fourth and fifth commandments:

4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: but the seventh is the Sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: for in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day, and hallowed it.

5. Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

What does it mean to keep Sunday holy? Does it mean we can do what we want on Sunday, as long as we donÕt work? What does it mean to honour our mom and dad? Read on and see how Kerry learned about these commandments.

Kerry bounced out of bed and pulled up the window blind. The sun was rising above the trees, turning icicles into spears of light and the yard into a dazzling spread of snow. Humming a song to herself, she turned to yank the covers up over her pillow and quickly got dressed. In her excitement she zipped the bow of her dress up into the zipper. But she couldnÕt slow down. Not today! It was her birthday! Singing aloud, she pulled a brush through her hair, and then dashed down the stairs.

ÒHi Dad!Ó she called to her dad who was getting breakfast ready. ÒWhat are we having for breakfast?Ó

ÒGood morning, Kerry,Ó Dad answered. ÒYou seem very happy. I wonder why? HmmmÉ it must be because weÕre having your favourite breakfast--waffles!Ó

ÒNo, Dad! ItÕs my birthday! IÕm eleven today! How could you forget?!Ó Kerry ran over to give him a hug.

ÒJust teasing you,Ó said Dad, rumpling her hair. ÒHappy birthday! Now set the table for breakfast, please, then help Mom get Charles and Taylor ready for church. She has her hands full with Kristin and the baby.Ó

ÒAwww, canÕt Charles and Taylor get ready themselves?Ó Kerry complained. ÒAnd why do I always have to set the table? ItÕs my birthday today!Ó

ÒKerry,Ó Dad turned to look at her, Òdo as I asked you without complaining.Ó

Kerry turned and began setting the table in a careless way so that the cups did not match up with the plates, and the knives and forks lay helter-skelter across the table. Finished, she walked into the family room and picked up a book she was reading. Flipping it open to the bookmark, she began to read.

ÒKerry,Ó her mom called from the stairs. ÒCould you come up and help Charles and Taylor get ready for church?Ó

Kerry sighed noisily and trudged upstairs, banging the book against the railing at every step. ÒHow come I always have to do everything?Ó she muttered to herself. ÒItÕs my birthday; I should get to do nothing today. And itÕs Sunday today, so I canÕt even have a birthday party today. ItÕs no fair.Ó With every step she felt more and more sorry for herself. By the time she reached her brothersÕ room, Kerry was scowling. Quickly she helped them wash their faces, wet and comb their hair, and get dressed, all without saying one word. She ignored Charles when he asked her why she was acting so mean, and she stuck out her tongue at Taylor when he said maybe birthdays made people mean.

Breakfast went even worse. Mom wished Kerry a happy birthday, but Kerry would not even look up as she said thanks. Mom looked at Dad to see what was the matter, but Dad just shrugged. Kerry had two waffles, but she found them hard to swallow. Mom and Dad were quieter than usual, and Charles and Taylor werenÕt laughing and teasing each other like they usually did. Kerry wished she hadnÕt been so mean to them this morning. It wasnÕt their fault she was feeling so grumpy. She tried to think of something nice to say, to make everyone stop being so quiet. Just then Charles reached for the jug of orange juice, but it was too heavy for him and it slipped out of his hand. Orange juice poured all over the table and onto KerryÕs lap. ÒCharles!Ó Kerry exclaimed jumping to her feet. She forgot all about saying something nice. ÒLook what you did! Now IÕm soaking wet!Ó

ÒA flood!Ó said little Kristin clapping her hands. ÒItÕs a flood!Ó

ÒHush, Kristin,Ó Mom said grabbing a dishtowel. Dad went to get a wet rag to mop the floor, and Mom began drying off the table. ÒRun upstairs and change,Ó she told Kerry. ÒYou can wear your blue dress; itÕs just as nice as this one, and I ironed it yesterday.Ó

ÒBut I wanted to wear this one,Ó Kerry protested with tears in her eyes. ÒWhy did Charles dump the juice all over me? Why does everything have to go wrong? How come everything bad happens to me?Ó she cried, and she turned and ran up the stairs to her room. Once again everyone was quiet around the breakfast table.

ÒKerry,Ó Mom called out a few minutes later as she pushed open the door to her bedroom. Coming in, she sat on the bed next to her and put her arm around her. ÒYouÕre not having a very good day, are you?Ó Mom asked. When Kerry shook her head no, Mom went on. ÒYou thought it would be a happy day because itÕs your birthday, but it hasnÕt turned out that way. Why do you think that is?Ó

ÒI donÕt know,Ó Kerry sniffed. ÒI was being mean to Charles, and to Taylor, and I didnÕt listen to Dad to help you this morning, and then the juice spilt all on me, and I canÕt have a birthday party today, and itÕs not a nice birthday at all!Ó

Dad came to the door with Kristin in his arms and Taylor in tow. Mom looked up, then turned again to Kerry. ÒItÕs special to be able to share your birthday with the LordÕs Day. You see, Sunday is a day to talk and read and hear about the good things God has done. And one of the really special things He has done in our family, is He gave us you!Ó

Dad stepped into the room and set Kristin down. ÒI still remember how tiny you were when you were only one day old, Kerry. And how excited we were to take you home from the hospital and put you in your own little bed. See, you are one of the good things God gave us É something good for us to remember on His Day.Ó Charles bounced up on the bed next to Mom, and Taylor came in holding one shoe.

ÒWhat else can you think of that God has done for us?Ó Dad asked the boys.

They thought for a moment, then Charles piped up, ÒHe made Kristin.Ó

ÒAnd the ark!Ó Taylor added. ÒAnd in Sunday school we heard about the Good Samaritan. God made him good.Ó

ÒAnd whatÕs the best thing God gave?Ó Mom asked.

ÒThe Bible?Ó Charles said. ÒA church?Ó

ÒNo,Ó Mom answered, Òsomething even better. ItÕs the reason why we are allowed to pray to God even. Maybe you can help, Kerry.Ó

Kerry looked up. ÒHe gave the Lord Jesus.Ó

ÒYes, that was a big thing for God to give,Ó Dad said and sat down on the bed with the others. ÒGod gave His own Son. So itÕs not really so hard for all of you to give help to Mom and Dad and each other. When you love and obey God, you learn to love and obey your family.Ó

Kerry thought about how she had wanted everything to go her way. She hadnÕt thought about how special the LordÕs Day was, and why God had made Sunday.

ÒLoving and obeying God are the things that make you happy,Ó Dad added, Ònot birthdays and less work. When you learn about the good things God has done for you, then you are glad to do nice things for others. Then Sunday is a special day to learn more and more about God, so we can serve Him better and better.Ó

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