Sunday, 29 November -0001 18:42

From the Mission's Treasurer

Written by Peter Luth
The report on finances continues to be positive for which the mission committee is very thankful. Receipts from the churches are right on target and expenses on the whole are kept below the budget. Some might question why the budgeted income is lower than the budgeted expenses. This is to accommodate for the fact that there is a month delay when church treasurers forward collection amounts to the mission. December has traditionally been the catch-up month when the last of the contributions for the year are recorded. I anticipate the same will happen this year, though maybe to a lesser extent, since the church treasurers have been more diligent this year in forwarding collection amounts. Thank you!

While currently income is on target, to finish the year on budget another $70,000 needs to be raised. Can we do it? I think so, but we may not slacken off. Last year when the need was great the congregations raised $127,500 in the last two months, so compared to that we should have no problems this year, especially when our dependence is on the Lord who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

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