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Ordination/Inaugural Service: David A. Kranendonk

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On Friday, the 17th of October 2003, the Lord provided us with our first pastor and teacher. Candidate David H. Kranendonk had been examined at Synod of June 2003, after completing his theological studies at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. On July 15th we extended a call to him, which call he had liberty to accept on August 23rd.

Rev. G. R. Procee, the father-in-law and former pastor of Candidate Kranendonk, conducted the ordination service. He preached from Isaiah 62:6-7: ÒI have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence, And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.Ó This text brings out that the Lord calls and appoints watchmen. Their God-given task is to speak of Him to the congregation, meditate on Him, and speak to Him in prayer. The motivation and goal is the glory of Zion, which God shall give to her.

After reading the Form for the Ordination and Installation of Ministers of the Gospel, eleven Free Reformed Church ministers came forward to participate in the laying on of hands and the giving of an appropriate charge from Scripture.

Rev. KranendonkÕs inaugural sermon was from the simple and yet profound call of the Father to the three disciples on the mount of transfiguration: ÒHear ye him.Ó He first stressed whom we are to hear (ÒHear ye HimÓ) and then what it is to hear (ÒHear ye HimÓ). Christ is worthy to be heard because He is the Son of God, with whom the Father is well pleased. We are called to set aside our own wisdom and receive instruction from Him. We are not to listen only to what we like to hear, but to the Christ who reveals the whole counsel of God. When Christ speaks to the heart through his Word and Spirit, then a minister falls away, the Triune God is exalted, and the aim of preaching is attained.

After Rev. Kranendonk pronounced his first benediction, several speakers addressed him. On behalf of the congregation, Elder L. Pol welcomed him and his wife and commended them to the Lord. Rev. P. VanderMeyden, as counselor, Dr. L. W. Bilkes, as chairman of the Theological Education Committee, Rev. G. Hamstra, on behalf of the Free Reformed churches, and Dr. G. M. Bilkes on behalf of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, gave words of direction and encouragement. Letters from the various other congregations were also acknowledged.

Having been instituted only a few months ago, we are humbled by GodÕs undeserved goodness. Our prayer is that the Lord, who has given us a pastor in spite of us, may also richly bless his ministry among us to the conversion of sinners and edification of His people in spite of us.

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