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Youth Page

Written by Miss Doreen Roth
Since January 1993, Peter Langbroek has produced the monthly ÒYouth Page. We donÕt remember that he missed once. This period has now come to an end and we are very thankful for Mr. LangbroekÕs long and faithful service, which he very much enjoyed, he wrote us. Mr. Langbroek is a teacher by profession and calling and this showed in his imaginative approach and instructive content. The person replacing him is also a teacher. She is Miss Doreen Roth, who has taught Grade 1, but currently teaches Grade 5 at Rehoboth Christian School, Copetown, Ontario. We welcome Miss Roth and look forward to receiving many contributions from her and for regular responses from our young readers.
Michael laughed as Boots grabbed his shoelaces with his sharp little teeth and pulled. With another puppy growl, Boots jerked the laces again, then tumbled backwards as he lost his grip. Bouncing back on his feet, he came bounding back, and Michael scooped him up in his arms. A warm, pink tongue licked across his chin. Michael squeezed him tighter. Boots was the best birthday present he had ever gotten. Dad had said that now that Michael was ten, he was old enough to have a dog. It would be lots of work though, Dad had warned Michael, because just like people, puppies can have a mind of their own; they donÕt always listen.

Just then, the back door opened. and Mom stepped out onto the porch. The sun had risen above the trees and warm light stretched across the lawn to where Michael was playing with Boots. The yard was filled with brightly coloured leaves that had come down in the windstorm last night.

ÒCome get your lunch!Ó Mom called. ÒItÕs time to go to the bus stop.Ó

ÒOkay,Ó Michael replied and set Boots down in a pile of leaves. His tail waving furiously, the puppy squirmed out and dashed after Michael as he walked to the porch.

ÒÕBye, Michael,Ó Mom said and zipped up his jacket. ÒHave a good day!Ó

Michael picked up his lunch. ÒBye Mom.Ó He turned to the puppy at his feet, ÒGoodbye, Boots. IÕll see you after school. Have fun!Ó he added as he latched the gate behind him.

Boots followed Michael to the gate and began jumping against it anxiously. Where was Michael going? he barked. Why couldnÕt he come with? Why was there a big fence locking him in? Boots whined and yelped. There was a big world out there to explore! Tree stumps and bicycles, garbage cans and other dogs all waited his inspection, but he couldnÕt get out. Finally, with one last whimper, Boots settled down to wait for Michael, resting his head on his paws, and not taking his eyes off the gate.


You have all heard of the Ten Commandments, havenÕt you? The minister reads them every Sunday. Who wrote these Ten Commandments? God did. He wrote them on two stone tablets and gave them to Moses on Mount Sinai. And what are they? They are ten laws that God says we must obey. God tells us that we must serve Him only, and keep Sundays holy. We must not steal, kill or hate, or be envious to have something that is not ours. God also tells us to honour our moms and dads by respecting and obeying them. And when Jesus came to earth, He explained that the most important thing for us to do is to love God, and then to love the people around us as much as we love ourselves.

Why did God make all these laws? Why canÕt we do what we want? Well, listen while I ask you another question. Why couldnÕt Boots go running loose around the neighbourhood while Michael was gone to school? Why was there a fence and a gate to keep him in the backyard? You know, donÕt you? The fence was there to keep Boots safe. Outside the fence were all kinds of dangers for a puppy. The streets were filled with cars and bicycles, strangers and big dogs. A little puppy could easily get hurt or lost. So the back yard, with its sticks and bones, leaf piles and dog house, was the best place for Boots. In the same way, GodÕs law is like a fence for us. It keeps us from the danger of sin. Just like Boots was safest when he was kept in the yard by Michael, we are safest when we are obeying the laws of God. And even though Boots didnÕt understand this, Michael knew it and was doing what was best for him.

We donÕt always want to obey GodÕs laws; we donÕt always want to be kind to others, or to listen to our parents, but God has told us that this is the best thing for us to do. Ask God for a new heart that will want to keep His commandments. And when you do break His laws, go back to God on your knees in prayer, and ask Him to forgive you for JesusÕ sake.


Clang! The gate swung open and Michael ran through, dropping his schoolbag on the porch. With an excited yelp, Boots sprang to his feet and hurtled through the yard, bouncing into MichaelÕs arms. In a moment he was back out again to race once more around the yard. He was safe and happyÉ How can you be safe and happy?

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