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Institution of Bornholm, Ontario

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Friday evening July 11, 2003 was a joyful occasion for the Bornholm congregation. For it was on this date that the consistory of the Bornholm congregation was officially installed. This installation formally constituted the institution of the Bornholm congregation as an individual congregation of the Free Reformed Churches of North America.

The service took place in the church building of the Brodhagen Lutheran church. There were more than 200 people in attendance. Various congregations had sent delegates to be present.

Rev. G.R. Procee the counselor of the overseeing congregation of Dundas conducted the service of installation. He preached on Jeremiah 15:16a: ÒThy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart.Ó The prophet Jeremiah had the difficult task of preaching GodÕs Word to Jerusalem and Judah. The motivation for this work lies in this text. God's Word had entered JeremiahÕs life. He was found of God. God had renewed him and God's Word had entered and filled his life. Jeremiah experienced delight in the Word of God. He found much sweetness therein. These matters should also be present in the office bearers in the church of Christ of the New Testament.

One can only be a faithful office bearer when God's Word fills the heart and causes sweetness to be experienced in the Lord. This faithfulness to GodÕs Word, as well as the delight in this Word, should characterize the new congregation of Bornholm. Then only can we expect God's blessing upon the congregation.

After the installation the chairman of the Dundas consistory, Elder P. Procee addressed the new consistory and congregation of Bornholm. He presented the consistory with a new pulpit Bible on behalf of the Dundas congregation. The counselor of Bornholm, Rev. P. VanderMeyden, spoke words of encouragement to the new consistory. Rev. G. Hamstra spoke on behalf of the churches.

Elder Art Pol gave a brief response to these addresses. He expressed special thanks to the Dundas consistory for their ongoing support during the time that the Bornholm members gathered as a preaching station under the oversight of the Dundas consistory. Several letters of congregations were read wishing the new congregation the LordÕs blessing.

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