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Ordination Of Candidate Jack Schoeman

Written by Nick Timmerman
Tuesday, December 5, 2000 was a highlight in the lives of Candidate Jack Schoeman and his wife Susan, and for the congregation of the Monarch Reformed church in Monarch, Alberta. On this evening Candidate Jack Schoeman was ordained and installed as a minister of the Free Reformed churches and the Monarch Reformed Church received a pastor after a 27-month vacancy.

Candidate Schoeman receive his theological training at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and completed his studies this past August after an internship in the Chatham Free Reformed Church with Rev. Schouls as his mentor. Candidate Schoeman received calls from six vacant congregations within the FRC denomination. God, in His grace and goodness, led Candidate Schoeman to accept the call to become the pastor of the Monarch Reformed Church. Sharing in this special day with Candidate Jack and his wife Susan were his parents, grandmother and uncle from Ontario and her parents from Northern Ireland.

We were privileged to have Rev. Bilkes, Gangar, Overduin, Procee, Pronk, Schouls and Wullschleger and elders Gerrit DeJong (Chilliwack) and Jack Vander Zwan (Langley), as well as ministers and elders from various Reformed denominations in southern Alberta present for this joyous occasion.

Officiating minister for this service was Rev. Schouls. He focused his message on Titus 1 and Articles 1,2 and 3 from the Canons of Dort. He began his sermon by stating that it is a reason for much joy and thankfulness when a minister is installed in a new congregation, and that this joy and thankfulness is heightened when a man is also ordained into the ministry. The theme of his sermon was ÒPaul instructs Titus in the TeacherÕs Duty.Ó He encouraged Candidate Schoeman first of all to hold fast to the inspired Word of God because it is a precious Word and under much attack, and to teach the people entrusted to his care nothing but the Word of God. He encouraged Candidate Schoeman to let his ministry be practical, experiential, relevant and confrontational. Rev. Schouls encouraged the elders to assist and supervise their minister in his pastoral work and asked the congregation to continue to pray for him, give him time to study and time to be a husband and dad.

Rev. Schouls read the Form of Ordination of the Ministers of the Word. Candidate Schoeman could answer the questions sincerely and wholeheartedly. The four elders then held an open Bible over Rev. Schoeman while the FRC ministers present laid their hands on his head and each gave him some words of encouragement from GodÕs Word (Psalm 90:16; Isaiah 52:57-58; and Deuteronomy 31:8).

Rev. Bilkes, counsellor for the Monarch congregation, gave the charge to Rev. Schoeman and led in prayer.

Rev. SchoemanÕs inaugural sermon was based on Colossians 1:28: ÒWhom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom: that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.Ó His theme was ÒThe Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Ó

Peter Bos, chairman of the consistory, led the next part of the evening when addresses were given to Rev. and Susan Schoeman.

Elder Barendregt expressed thankfulness to the Lord for His great care and protection over this flock and thanked all the FRC ministers for their work in our midst during the months of vacancy. He warmly welcomed Rev. Schoeman and his wife into our midst and encouraged him to study diligently, be a lover of souls and take every opportunity to share the Gospel.

Rev. Pronk spoke on behalf of he Theological Seminary and expressed that it was a pleasure for the Seminary to see one of their students reach this special day of ordination and installation, well equipped to preach the Gospel as an ambassador of heaven to call sinners to repentance and reconciliation with God.

Rev. Bilkes, counsellor of Monarch, spoke of the privileges of Bethel being in a federation of churches. He stated that all the Free Reformed churches stand with Bethel church and kneel with us before the throne of God.

It was noted that letters were received from the Chatham, Clifton, Dundas, Grand Rapids, London, Mitchell, St. Thomas and Vineland Free Reformed Churches. Due to the length of the service they would not be read but passed on to Rev. Schoeman.

Invited guests from other Reformed denominations in southern Alberta gave their greetings and wished Rev. Schoeman GodÕs blessing in his ministry. These included Rev. Albaugh, Nobleford Christian Reformed Church; Rev. Barach, Trinity United Reformed Church; Rev. Brooker, Monarch Reformed Church of Canada; Rev. Greendyk, Fort Macleod Heritage Reformed Congregation; Rev. Joussen, Free Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Lethbridge; Elder Kipper, Coaldale Canadian Reformed Church; and Elder Evert VandenBroek, Lethbridge Netherlands Reformed Congregation.

Letters from Dr. Beeke, the students of the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Rev. DeLange (former pastor of Bethel), Rev. Zylstra (interim pastor of Bethel) and Rev. Van Essen were read.

At the end of the greetings Rev. Schoeman spoke a word of thanks to all who came to this special service and he closed with the benediction.

As a consistory and congregation, Bethel Reformed Church would like to express their sincere gratitude to the Free Reformed denomination for accepting us and so warmly welcoming us into their fellowship. A Special thank you is also extended to all the pastors who so faithfully proclaimed the Word of God, as well as visited the sick, bereaved and lonely in our midst, as well as to the consistories who granted their pastors time away from their flock to minister to us. Above all, we thank and praise our heavenly Father for His faithfulness and care over us during the past difficult months and for providing us again with an under-shepherd to lead us into the green pastures of His Word. It is our prayer that God will strengthen Rev. Schoeman and cause his ministry to be richly blessed in our midst.

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