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New Church Building: Clifton, New Jersey

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In His goodness the Lord permitted our congregation to occupy our new church facility on November 1, 2000. A prayer service of Thanksgiving was held on this date to praise the Lord for His faithfulness over the past eight years since our relocation project began. Pastor Roth used Psalm 66 as a background for this service.

On Saturday, November 4th we gathered for the placing of the first phase cornerstone. The inscription on the cornerstone reads "Jesus Christ a Sure Foundation" taken from Isaiah 28:16 on which Pastor Roth briefly spoke. Relocation chairman, Henry Driesse and Building chairman, Michael Laman were also given an opportunity to address those gathered. All were then invited to tour the new fellowship building and parsonage.

The official dedication of our new facility was held on Sunday morning, November 5. Pastor Roth took as his text Isaiah 66, verses 1 & 2.

How wondrous it is that the Lord has remembered us as individuals, families and as a congregation. Truly all the praise and honor belong to Him alone.

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