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Written by Peter Langbroek
To understand this story more fully, pretend you are in the row next to Kyle. Like the others, turn in your Bible to 1 Kings 22.Whenever you see an asterisk (*), read along with the class in the following story.

ÒGrade 5, turn to 1 Kings 22*,Ó said Mr. DenBoer.

Kyle, in the back row, opened his Bible and scribbler. Then he pulled out the paper in his desk. It was easier to dream about being an army officer in the middle of a fierce battle. Ever since he heard his Opa talk about World War II in the Netherlands, he was captivated by battles, tanks, guns and ammo. HeÕd grabbed and read every war book he could get his hands on. Lately, he was reading about the Six-Day War in Israel in 1967.

Kyle had it figured out. DonÕt fool around; listen half the time; copy notes from the board; do the work quickly. Between the time, draw and play with things in your desk. ÒMan-o-life,Ó he thought, Òif it wasnÕt for Art, PE, recess and lunch hour, IÕd go crazy at this desk. Just look at the nice spring weather outside!Ó

Kyle was ready to draw a battle scene with tanks, blown-up cars, wrecked buildings, soldiers in camouflage clothing and burned up buildings, when he looked up. His ears perked to what Mr. DenBoer said. ÒWho wants to hear a battle story?Ó Hands flew up, including KyleÕs.

ÒThere are many battle stories in the Bible. The battle story weÕll read about is one we ought to remember. But if you want to read about war for the sake of fun and excitement, forget it. You wonÕt find that in the Bible. The story weÕll read is about truth and lies, about courage and fear. And itÕs about GodÕs battle against His enemy.Ó

ÒRebecca, can you read verses 1-12* to get the background to this battle?Ó Rebecca read.

And Kyle drew. He half-heard Mr. DenBoer explain how Ahab loved to hear the 400 false prophets praise him and tell him how the battle would be victorious. He explained how Jehoshaphat wanted a true prophet, but Ahab hated the one true prophet, Micaiah, because he prophesied the truth.

ÒRemember, false teaching and preaching is often a grand show of words meant to flatter people. True teaching never does that. A true servant of God will always follow what Micaiah followed. Can you read verses 13 to 14*, Kyle?Ó

Kyle was just about to draw a cigar in a bulldog-faced soldier who hadnÕt shaven for five days. Kyle perked up, took a few seconds to find out where the text was, and read:

And the messenger that was gone to call Micaiah spake unto him,
saying. Behold now, the words of the prophets declare good unto
the king with one mouth: let thy word, I pray thee, be like the
word of one of them, and speak that which is good.

And Micaiah said, As the LORD liveth, what the LORD saith unto me, that will I speak.

Kyle stopped reading and Mr. DenBoer asked, ÒWhat rule does Micaiah follow?Ó GeraldÕs hand went up. ÒYes, Gerald.Ó

ÒMicaiah will only say what God wants him to say.Ó

ÒRight. And thatÕs the mark of a true soldier of God. Micaiah had a weapon more powerful than a tank, Phantom fighter, or a nuclear missile, for that matter. He had the Word of the Lord!Ó

Mr. DenBoer continued. ÒWhat Rebecca will read makes it seem that Micaiah is the loser, but what he said was the Word of God that sentenced Ahab to death. Please read verse 15 to 28*, Rebecca.Ó

Rebecca read and Kyle drew. Then Mr. DenBoer wrote some notes on the board. Kyle quickly copied. Mr. DenBoer put the chalk on the ledge. He was quiet. That startled Kyle.

ÒDaniel,Ó he said, Òplease read MicaiahÕs last words to the people before he was put in prison.Ó Daniel read, ÒHearken, O people, everyone of you.Ó

Mr. DenBoer looked every boy and girl in the eye. ÒIt strikes me,Ó he said softly, Òthat there are a lot of soldiers on both sides, ready to clash in battle. All the clanging, screams, groans and gore of war will erupt at any moment. But there is only soldier fighting GodÕs battle, who is drawn in full colour. What is his name?Ó

Three children blurted out, ÒMicaiah!Ó

Kyle was just drawing falling bombs when he caught Mr. DenBoer saying, ÒTomorrow, weÕll see GodÕs battle against Ahab. No one who forsakes and sins against God, like Ahab, can ever escape GodÕs wrath against him. ThatÕs the truth; thatÕs what GodÕs Word declares.Ó (To be continued next month)

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