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Annual Banner of Truth Report Radio Ministry of the Free Reformed Churches

Written by C. & F. Pronk
We look back on a busy year of answering letters. The station which broadcasts our program from Equatorial New Guinea into West Africa has by far generated the most letters. Pan American Broadcasting, the broadcasting service, informs us that for every writer there are about 1,000 listeners and weÕve received several hundred of letters from Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia this past year! It is humbling to record the responses and we want to share them with you. Some letters are filled with questions about the Bible and salvation. Some request tapes and study Bibles. We cannot fill these requests, even if we had the resources, for we have no way to check whether these are legitimate needs. Whatever the response, we may see that the fields are white for harvest in Africa.

A new development this year was that the radio program can be heard in New York City as a half-hour program. To do this, tapes are sent to pastor Roth who takes care of dubbing in music and announcements. The broadcasting costs are very high, but the program reaches a very densely populated area.

We first give some extracts of letters from West African countries and follow them with North American responses.

Ibadan, Nigeria: Beloved, I send my sincere greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. As a co-worker in the vineyard of God, I appreciated your efforts towards the building of GodÕs kingdom through prayerÉ May God continue to bless you in Jesus name.

Kaduna, Nigeria: I want to express my appreciation over your broadcast programme on Radio Africa. The programme is encouraging as well as edifyingÉ God bless you real good. Love you for the kingdom of God.

Monrovia, Liberia: I am a regular listener of the wonderful weekly program ÒBanner of TruthÓ broadcast on Radio Africa every Sunday night. You are my favourite program in Radio AfricaÉ May God abundantly bless you and continue to provide funds for the upkeep of the program on Radio Africa.

Jos, Nigeria: Greetings in the precious blood of our Lord Jesus ChristÉ Thank you for the programme you introduce to us (the broken-hearted). Please help me to regain my strength in the LordÉ I love you to be my spiritual father in Christ.

Owo, Nigeria: My aim of writing this letter is that I heard your message from Radio last week. I just want to greet you and tell you that my prayer is ÒO Saviour, what words can there be to tell of your grace and kindness? Who can describe your love in giving your own Son as Ôthe LambÕ to give us life? Such sacrifice is past our understandingÉÓ

Zambia (Maximum Security Prison, Condemned Section): Know that I do receive the radio messages and have been sweet meat for my soul each timeÉ This is to inform you that I received a full course number one from Cornerstone Bible Institute. What an answer to prayer this was!

Ibadan, Nigeria: Sir, I request ÒMatthew Henry Commentary BibleÓ from you. I pray that God may continue to bless his ministry in Jesus name. Amen.

Suame, Kumasi, Ghana: Your preaching on Radio Africa has touched my heart, and has also increased my faith in Christ Jesus. I thank God people are converting through such a wonderful station.

Akomatan-Ashanti, Ghana: Pastor, please try as much as possible to answer these questions for me:

1. Who is God?
2. It is possible for a woman to preach in the church?
3. Which day is GodÕs holy day?
4. What is the mark of the beast?
5. Is it really possible to live without sinning?

Gboko, Nigeria: IÕve never been a very religious person. But at the close of your program, ÒBanner of Truth,Ó aired over Radio Africa, my heart was touched deeply by your message; in fact they transformed me! Now that I have dedicated my life to Christ Jesus as my Saviour, I want you to send me solid spiritual counsel and follow-up literatureÉ

Agbor, Nigeria: Dear brother, I appreciate your good work. I thank God for your life and mine too. It was through your programme, Banner of Truth, that I really gave my life to Jesus because I saw the blessings God has kept for those who truly trust in Him.

Oji-River, Nigeria: I am a local pastor of a small congregation here in he village. I hear your broadcast on WWCR 3.215 MHz short wave. It has been a blessing and source of encouragement to me and I am praying for you on a daily basis.

Umunuma, Nigeria: I am a believer. I believe on the perfect finished work of Jesus Christ for our salivation through the Bible alone. IÕm a Bible student for a couple of years now. Please, I will like to know more about your ministries, especially your doctrinal statement.

Monrovia, Liberia: (From Christian Caring Ministries) We would appreciate were you to kindly furnish us with information concerning the Free Reformed Churches of North America and the possibility of CCM being an affiliate memberÉ

Accra, Ghana: I have been listening and enjoying your programme on Radio Africa for some time nowÉ It challenges me to greater commitment to the Lord. I am a member of the Bible Study Union in my church and also Christian Fellowship.

Monrovia, Liberia: I am very glad to let you know that I am tuning to your Radio Africa program. The messages have helped me to develop a new hope in Christ and experience some changes in my life. The messages are very powerful and I love the method of presentation. I wish to say thanks be unto the Lord for your call to service.

Accra, Ghana: Please, I will be glad to have your messages that are in printÉ I am aspiring to be a very good evangelist in this regard, if you have any assistance to offer me, please do not hesitate to do soÉ Please put my name on your prayer list

Agbor, Nigeria: Brother I am a new convert in the field of Christianity. Please, I need words of encouragement and other things of your choice from you.

Agbor, Nigeria: Beloved, I usually listen to your program through the radio and I enjoyed your preaching very much. I know what you preach comes from the Bible and I am so thankful for your radio ministry. You bring the real truth to the people and show them the way to salvation. In this our present condition people think more of relaxation than they think about such a wonderful gift of life which God presents to us in Christ. Your messages are exactly what Nigeria needsÉ

Monrovia, Liberia: We, my husband and I, are regular listeners of the wonderful program on Radio AfricaÉ May God richly bless you as you strive to preach to the people of Africa.

Kduna, Nigeria: I have been listening to your program on Radio Africa. It has been a blessing to my soul and my family. Our lives have changed to the betterÉ

Ibadan, Nigeria: I am a listener of your broadcast on Radio Africa. I am involved in evangelism and church training. Evangelism takes me to places like hospitals, prison yards, handicapped children, public transport, office and neighbourhood.

Monrovia, Liberia: I love your broadcast that is held over Radio Africa. Your messages are very powerful and soul challenging. I am always blessed when I tune to the broadcast. The world in which we live in today needs such powerful broadcast. Thanks so much for your program.

The following letters are from North American listeners:

Darlington, S.C. I listen to the broadcast Saturday nights on 3.215 (short wave). The program blesses me and IÕd like to have a free printed copy of tonightÕs program concerning LazarusÉ The broadcast comes in loud and clear.

Ada, Michigan: Could you please send me 4 of sermons from May 2 by Rev. Pronk. If possible, I could use 12 of them.

Brampton, Ontario: This is the first time I am writing to you and I really thoroughly enjoy your show.

Zeeland, Michigan: Please send 2 copies of message aired yesterday, entitled ÒIt is Finished.Ó I found it very informative.

Dothan, Alabama: I enjoy the sermons on radio every Saturday (short wave). Please send me a copy of É I attend a strict Baptist church Ð Calvinistic church, yet it is more hyper-C. Any extra material on manÕs responsibility would be appreciatedÉ

Email from Ontario: I am a catholic and would be interested in copies of your messages you send on radio. IÕm reading them right now on the Internet, and the message in them touched me profoundly. IÕm an avid learner in the true word of God. I would like to know if I could print directly from the internetÉ

Scarborough, Ontario: I should have been along with this letter much sooner; however, we do appreciate your sending us part 2 of the First letter to the Corinthians.

Salem, Oregon: It has been almost four years since I have written you. ThatÕs not, however, because I have stopped listening to you on radio or enjoying your preachingÉ I was not reared in the Reformed faith, but we have had always heard about the cross of Christ and about his death for our sins, but we were never taught that He lived the perfect life that is required of us in our place and that that life is put to our account. That was one of the most comforting things I learned when God led us into the Reformed faith because though I knew that Christ had died for my sins I was miserable tying to live Òvictoriously.Ó A person can only do that if he or she knows that ChristÕs perfect life is ours right now; that our victory is in what He did for us and not what we do,

Toronto, Ontario: A few months ago the Banner of Truth Broadcast was unknown to me. So I listened carefully (CJMR) to hear if you were using the true inspired WordÉ Have you ever considered having a daily programme?

Rochester, Washington: Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list all these years. I appreciate every message your present on the radio. Farm life though strenuous is very rewarding. Now we are failing in health and must reduce mail and most of material possessions.

Mount Vernon, Washington: Tuned in late of the Sunday airingÉ I recorded the last part and found it to be very good. The message was on death and the fear of death and the assurance of the believerÉ IÕm requesting 6 of the printed messages and wish to send them to my childrenÉ

We continue to be grateful that we may be part of this ministry. A warm thank-you for all who support this program. To God be the glory.

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