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A Sign of Growth

Written by Ken and Jackie Herfst
This is how missionaries teach new church members to become independent.
A Sign of GrowthÉ
As a missionary, one realizes that for any new church to really function, local leadership development is a must. Missionaries come and go, but the local believers are here to stay. So easily everything can become dependent upon the foreign missionary. During our years here, we have striven to develop local leadership. Instead of answering the question, native questioners are redirected to the Bible. The question is: is it working?

It was a matter of real joy then, that while on a recent trek to our newest mountain fellowship, I sat quietly by as a brother went to the local lay pastor with a question about Biblical interpretation, even though I was sitting there too. The lay pastor answered his question ably. As I sat there, I gave thanks to God for the faithfulness of Santos, the lay pastor. I praised Him for the ministry of the Holy Spirit that continues to prepare brothers like him to rightly divide the Word of Truth.

This might seem like a small point, but believe me, it isnÕt. All too often the missionary's advice is sought for even the smallest matters. It results in a truncated national church that canÕt stand on its own feet without the ÕexpertÕ advice of the foreign missionary.

Join us in thanking God for raising up national leaders who by His grace and empowering Spirit will continue to lead the church here.

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