Sunday, 29 November -0001 18:42

From the Treasurer

Written by Mr. Peter Luth
Every so often the question arises, "the Mission is funded by free will offering, isn't it better to fund it by a quota system?" Invariably the answer comes, "The work of missions is every Christian's business. When love for work is stimulated then support for the work will also come freely." As treasurer I have been thrilled many times by the generous support that has come through the congregations and at times from individuals. The Lord has greatly blessed us as denomination by enabling us to be involved in the mission work in the Cubulco district. The reports from our missionary, pastor Herfst, clearly show that the seeds that were planted have grown and new life is being created by the Spirit.

At Synod 1999, the new budget for work of missions was accepted, showing that as churches we are committed to continue the work that we started. This budget reflects the increasing needs as the work in Cubulco gains momentum. For 1999 we as mission committee anticipate receiving $371,500.00. As the following summary of the mid- year income statement shows, we have some way to go yet before we reach our goal. It is now time to give the treasurer another thrill.

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