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Jonkman Update

Written by Fred and Arlene Jonkman
It is a great privilege to send you all our warmest greetings from Quito, Ecuador. May the Lord bless you all richly and make you a blessing. We would like to thank all of you for your continual prayers and love.

This past week we were able to purchase a vehicle for which we praise God. His faithfulness is new every morning. We are now in the middle of the rainy season and are very grateful for our vehicle as it makes traveling much easier.

During the past two weeks we have had three days in which we had to stay indoors due to the unrest in the city. There have been a number of street protests, especially in the areas of the universities, as people become more and more unhappy with the economic situation here. The sucre (Ecuadorian currency) continues to devalue, driving prices up much faster than wages, and making life more and more uncertain and difficult. Please pray that the Lord might use this situation to draw many to Jesus the fountain of life and hope. Please also pray that the Christians may grow in their knowledge of Christ and they may be a living witness to their fellow countrymen.

In regard to the volcano that threatens to erupt close to Quito, the city continues to be under "yellow alert". Though many thought it was going back to "sleep" due to very little activity lately, it did give its biggest "blast" of steam on the day of the recent earthquake in Columbia. How powerful our God is! This was a reminder that we are kept from day to day in His hands. Please pray that all these events may work in a sanctifying way in the lives of the people.

May our God continue to bless each one of us in the place He planted us.

In Christian love, Fred and Arlene Jonkman and family

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Quito, Ecuador
AmŽrica del Sur
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