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Annual Banner of Truth Report

Written by F. Pronk
This past year weÕve been quite overwhelmed with responses, mostly due to adding and changing some radio stations because of an individual donor who wishes to be anonymous. Especially the new broadcast from Equatorial New Guinea to West African countries generates many letters. The tone of these letters is very complimentary, no doubt expressing the African culture. Also, many of them contain requests for study Bibles, literature and tapes. Whatever the motive, they do show there are many listeners and there is an interest in knowing GodÕs Word. These listener letters were sent to the Pan American Broadcasting which forwards them to us. The accompanying letter from the broadcasting company states that they Òestimate that for every listener letter they receive, at least 1,000 others have also heard your message.Ó If that is true, there must be about 100,000 listeners to our program since we began broadcasting over this African station in early 1998!

We believe itÕs important to respond to every request and question of our listeners. We cannot supply all the requests, especially from the African countries, because we have no way of knowing how legitimate the request is. But we are thankful that we can teach them via radio the Reformed understanding of the Word of God.

A new development is that we now receive and respond to requests by email and we can also direct inquirers to check out our Free Reformed Website which carries radio messages and information. Again, we are thankful for the support of our churches, but also of some individuals and congregations outside the denomination. Donations for the radio ministry in memory have also been thankfully received this year.

As we do every year, weÕre publishing excerpts of listener responses, Òwarts and allÓ to give you a taste of what the Lord is doing. These excerpts were taken from our files at random as we received them and answered them, so the geographical areas are widely diverse. ItÕs amazing that the messages which touch listeners on our own continent find a similar response in African countries. English is a universal language, but even more so is the Word of God.

Jordan, Ontario: Listening this morning I thought I would like this tape to give away to someone who needs it, our son-in-law who has been in É Psychiatric hospital for 7 weeksÉ I hope this tape will help himÉ This tape was about Timothy.

Petrolia, Ontario: I am enclosing a gift for your ministryÉ I am also thankful for the reading material I received from you. My sincere hope is that the Lord guide you further in His care and bless youÉ

South India: Several letters were received from pastors requesting help and asking for permission to translate messages, which we are happy to give.

King City, Oregon: Thanks for your comment relative to women in the ministry. You are correct; as a Lutheran I believe our church is drifting away from sound doctrine. Thank you for the sermon.

Teeswater, Ontario: I have been listening to you quite regularly since your came on CKNX Wingham (920). I never heard anyone preach as explanatory on Adam and Eve and Cain and AbelÉ I noticed you said these messages could be obtained by request. Do you have them from the beginning when you started the series?

Philippines (a pastor): When I read some of them [printed radio messages] I was really blessed and I really need them in my preaching and teaching ministriesÉ Thank you so much and may His joy, peace and love dwell in your hearts as you serve Him till He comes.

Oakville, Ontario: Greetings in the name of Jesus our Saviour. We hear your program on Sundays on our way to church and would like a copy of the message you preached on January 25, 1998.

Scarborough, Ontario: I listened to your broadcast this morning on WDCX and was blessed by the simple, clear presentation of the Gospel. I am a Christian and would be grateful if you would direct me to a church here in the Scarborough area or anywhere in Toronto where you have the same message preached. (This person was given the address of the church and pastor of our Toronto FR church).

Accra, Nigeria: I have heard your wonderful programme on Radio Africa, and I was so happy that I immediately called my family who was watching TV to come and listen. Something really touched my heart in your broadcast, so I have decided to listen to your progamme every Sunday evening.

Myanmar (BurmaÑa pastor): I want to request you to please send me all the messages that have been broadcasted, so that I may translate them into our language for the extension of His glory. For your information, I am now busy with Bible translation work (New King James into our language) and I want to request your special prayer for this particular taskÉ

Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa (a pastor): I am a regular listener to some of your progammes and I must confess I learnt new truth from your programmes. I have just listened to your broadcast on these words, ÒWoman behold your Son,Ó and I would be grateful if you will mail to me one of the printed copies of this topic.

Takoradi, Ghana: I have been introduced to your radio Christian broadcast on 41 meter band named Radio Africa. Your preaching inspired me a lot. I am growing from grace to grace in the Christian faith. I always pray for you to continue with your Gospel broadcast. Preach always on Radio Africa to Africans. Africans need the Gospel more than any continent.

Goka-Sampa, Ghana: I am a perpetual listener of Radio Africa broadcasts. Your message of hope has taught me a great thing in the Word of God. It has opened my heart and eyesÉ Thank you for bringing the lost flock of GodÕs sheep through your preachingÉ

Kabwe, Zambia (Maximum Security Prison): I attend ÒBuster Christian Church,Ó a congregation of prisoners to which I am the secretary. We are a number of 35 believers who meet every day in the morning and afternoon for prayer meetings before we are locked up in the cells and we observe the first day of the week as the LordÕs Day. We use Òthe London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689Ó as the base of our belief. All along, we knew no church of our kind in this land, so due to the increasing tide of Pentecostalism, those of us of Reformed persuasion were compelled to begin a work in this area. It is only this year that we have located one Reformed church within our vicinity and praise God they come to share the bread of life with us here every two weeks in the prison. (This ÒReformedÓ Christian prisoners has written us long letters and we have sent literature and also connected him with the CrossRoad Bible Institute for Bible studies, as well as other prison inmates on our mailing list, CP).

Scarborough, Ontario: Please forward free of charge, a copy of your broadcast, aired Sunday morning, May 24, to the address below. I enjoyed listening and would like my family to share the experience.

Burlington, Ontario: May I compliment you on the method of presentation! It is so refreshing to hear a program that is not preceded by endless music. It is not that I donÕt like music. Quite to the contrary. I just feel that the honest exposition of the Word of God does not have to be enhanced by any other method than to simply present the Truth of the Word of God. The Word stands on itÕs own!

Markham, Ontario: Kindly send me a copy of your radio message [on marriage and divorce]. It will be very relevant for a Christian lady friend of mine, who is struggling with the same issue.

Accra, Ghana: I have received your letter a few days ago, and I am happy that you have placed my name on your mailing list to receive your radio sermons.

Beposo-Wankyi, Ghana: Your preaching on Radio Africa has touched my soul. I am eager to learn and hear the word of God. I have asked all my family members to tune in to your preaching on Radio Africa. Through your preaching I am now saved. Thank you for this wonderful station. I hope you are going to stay on always. Africans need your message of hope al the time. Africans are in darkness.

Ile-Ipe, Nigeria: Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been enjoying your ministration on the radio and it is being a blessing to my soul. I heard your message last Sunday at 7.00 p.m. on Radio Africa station and it was very powerful. May the Lord continue to renew your strength.

Salem, Oregon: I am an Oregon state prisoner (freed in spirit!) referred to you by a fellow brother in Christ. I want to know more of your ministryÉ

Newmarket, Ontario: Would you kindly provide me with a copy of your sermon on divorce which was given on WDCX about July 4th?

Teachimem, Ghana: [A long letter from an Evangelist which ends this way]; last but not the least, is my desire to have you reverend Pronk as my spiritual father to aid me in the directions and step concerning the work of God.

Monrovia, Liberia: Firstly, I want to thank you and praise God for the good program, ÒBanner of Truth,Ó broadcast on Radio Africa every Sunday at 7.00 p.m. I am a regular listener of this wonderful and spirit-filled program. Please keep up the good work.

Wankiji, Ghana: I am a regular listener of your radio programme on Radio Africa and will continue to be a listener. Since your programme has been of good help in my Christian life. I am a Sunday school teacher at Grace Baptist Church in KumasiÉ

Guelph, Ontario: I have started listening with interest to your Sunday morning broadcast over WDCX, Buffalo.

Grand Rapids, Michigan: I enjoyed what I heard on your program, Sunday and I plan to make it a habit listening to it and each Sunday in the future.

Chililabombwe, Zambia: I am a pastor of the above mentioned church; it is one of the fastest growing churches in this town. IÕm therefore asking you, brethren, to assist me with Christian literatureÉ

Holland, Michigan: I heard your message this morning (102.9) regarding tolerance, adapting to changes, living by principles and how to deal with others in a Christian way. The message was a good one. IÕd very much like to have a copy in order to read and ÒdigestÓ it a little better without the distractions of trying to listen while driving a car.

Tampa, Florida: I was cruising on my shortwave last night and came across the tail-end of your Christian broadcast on submission. Could you please send me info about yourselves?

Accra, Ghana: Your programme also has power to restore backsliders in heart. To my own life, I can say that it makes impossibility ahead of me to become possible.

Niagara County Jail, Lockport, NY: I am writing to let you know that I have been listening to you on WDCX 99.5 and enjoyed it. I am also requesting prayer for an upcoming situation of mineÉ

Maryville, NY: Thank you for the precious sermons on WDCX and your studies on the Bible that we receive to continue our spiritual education.

Monrovia, Liberia: I am a regular listener of your weekly program on Radio Africa. Recently I also started inviting my fellow neighbours to tune to you as your ministry is my favorite program on Radio Africa. May God continue to use you for His ministry to the people of Africa.

Monrovia, Liberia: We, my mother and I, are regular listeners of the program ÒBanner of TruthÓ broadcast on Radio Africa every week. Since we started listening to you a few months ago, we have always had a very steady relationship with Jesus Christ.

Whitby, Ontario: I enjoyed your program on WDCX on the topic of love and the importance of husband expressing his headship through love. Please send me a copy.

Portland, Oregon: Thank you for referring me to the Cornerstone Bible Institute. I am currently a student at Rema Correspondence Bible School. IÕm about ? way through a 2-1/2 year commitmentÉ. Your Sunday radio broadcast in Portland is at the same time as our prison church serviceÉ Do keep in touch.

Wenchi, Ghana (a pastor): Your program on Radio Africa has been a great help to me and my ministry. Due to that, I have been organizing pastor friends and fellow Christians to listen to this progamme.

West Montrose, Ontario: Greetings in JesusÕ Name. I would like to have a tape sent me on the broadcast of August 30. It was on womenÕs veiling on 1 Corinthians 11. Our church practices it, so I found it quite interesting. Wishing you GodÕs blessings.

Sinclairville, NY: I was thrilled as I listened. I said, Yes Lord, I need this message; please help me listen and get address, etc. I want todayÕs message so badÑon Gifts of the Spirit, etc., all of which I never have experienced and I wondered am I on the right path to heaven.

Agbor, Nigeria: It is a very joyful and marvellous thing to bring to your notice that here in Nigeria we do normally get the weekly radio program on Radio Africa station through Rev. Cornelis Pronk of Banner of Truth. Beloved, the weekly radio program which comes on every Sunday at 7.00 p.m. is very interesting and wonderful to listen. The teaching is being a mirror to the listeners. Above all, it has been teaching us the way of salvation.

Amherst, NY: I am a very young child in Christ and am searching for a Reformed church in my area. Could you possibly help me please?

St. Catharines, Ontario: Your radio program on Sunday, September 27th spoke on the filling for baptism in the Holy Spirit. Please send me a copy to help me face some challenges IÕm experiencing with my daughters.

North York, Ontario: For many years now I have enjoyed Banner of Truth publications.

Cedar Springs, Michigan: I am homebound and unable to attend church, but I listen to your program regularly and receive great blessing from it.

Ibadan, Nigeria: It was on the radio in a friendÕs house that I heard of you ministryÉ I was born into a Muslim family of eight. I thank God that my whole family had been converted to Christianity.

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