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Written by Peter Langbroek
Whirr, rattle, rattle, frump, frump was the noise of the bread machine at the home of the Richards. Six-year old Tricia was at the kitchen table colouring. She stopped colouring, and listened. Mother, who stood by the sink, listened too.

"Mommy, when will it stop?" asked Tricia.

"Pretty soon, dear."

Tricia was curious when her mother was putting things in the bread machine. She saw her put a teaspoon with very tiny balls in the machine. "What's that, mom?" she had asked.

"That's yeast."

"What does it do?"

Mom gave her a tiny ball of yeast. "Those little balls make the bread big." Mom took the can and put it under her nose. "Here, smell."

"Yuck!, cried Tricia.

"These balls are plants and when they get wet they make more plants. And when they grow, they give gas which makes the dough bigger."

"Plants! They're not plants!" laughed Tricia.

What Mom said made Tricia more curious. "Mom, can I watch the dough get bigger?"

"Sure, but we'll need a flashlight," said Mom.

From that time on Tricia was waiting for the bread machine to stop. Tricia got Mom thinking too. Next Sunday the Lord's Supper would be held. Mom was struggling with herself. Her sins were so many, she realized, and her faith was so small. Last Sunday, the pastor had preached on Matthew 13:33: "The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven [yeast], which a woman took, and hid three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened."

It was a very small amount of yeast to leaven such a large amount of dough. The pastor explained that before bread machines were invented, women in Bible times kneaded sour dough (which contained yeast) into fresh dough to leaven it. The pastor explained that yeast, so small, is like the Gospel kneaded into the hearts of God's people. "Don't be discouraged when you see a small beginning of faith in your life," he encouraged, "because the Gospel will work its way through everything you desire, think, say, and do, and your faith will grow."

The bread machine stopped. Tricia got out of her chair. "Mom, can I see now?"

Mother got the flashlight, gave Tricia a boost, so she could look at the dough through the window of the bread machine. She shone the flashlight while Tricia looked. " It will get much bigger by lunch time, sweety," Mom said.

Soon, it was lunch time. Tricia didn't forget. "Mom, can I see?" Mom gave her a boost, and shone the flashlight through the window of the bread machine.

"Wow! It sure got bigger!" exclaimed Tricia.

Hearing Tricia, Mom wished she was a child again, excited over things she thought were so normal, noticing what adults no longer see. She couldn't help but think of the parable of the yeast. Their church was struggling with many things. Two members left the church. Where was the growth, she thought. And yet, the pastor explained that God's church, though it's struggling, is growing like dough influenced by yeast.

It was after lunch. "Do you have your skates, Trish? We're going without you if you don't hurry up!" yelled Trish's 17 year-old sister, Ruth.

"Bye, Mommy!", cried Trish, as she reached up to give her mom a hug.

"Bye, sweetheart! Have fun skating," smiled Mom.

Alone at home, while the bread baked, Mom took out the Bible and read Matthew 13: 33. Tears welled in her eyes as she read. She folded her hands and prayed, "Lord, increase my faith." Yes, she smiled to herself, tomorrow is the Lord's Supper.

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