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Written by Peter Langbroek
Note: The text, "Prepare to meet thy God, O Israel" (Amos 4:12) is my message to you from God's Word for the year 1998. May we prepare humbly and enthusiastically to meet our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
While the Grisnich's slept in their home, the pigs in their barn, and the coyotes barked and howled in the field, someone splashed paint on the billboard at the back of the field. "Come on, said Dad to Joel, we're going for a ride."

"Where? asked Joel."

"To the billboard."

Joel remembered watching the men put it up, four big pieces of plywood painted white with big black letters. Dad and three other men from church put it up, three holding each piece up while another man used an air-gun to staple it on a backing. When it was finished, Joel and the men walked into the field to read it. It read:

Prepare to Meet God

Now everyone driving to Hope could read it. Joel and Dad got in the truck. They took the overpass to the freeway and stopped beside the billboard. Gerald was there with his paint truck. "Be careful when you get out of the car Joel," said Dad. Joel could feel the wind of a big tuck whiz by as he waited for his dad to get to his side. Dad and Joel met Gerald, and all three looked at the black paint splatter, a big blotch under Prepare that had dribbled on to the 0. Then they noticed a blue "666" painted over the word Meet It looked like this:

Prepare to 666 God

Joel gazed at the text. That was bad! Why would someone do that? Dad and Gerald talked. "Don't worry about paying me, John," he said. It was hard to hear what they were saying with all the noise from the cars. "Let's go, Joel," Dad shouted. Both waved to Gerald as he got the paint scraper, paint, and ladder They got in the truck and drove down the freeway. Joel looked puzzled for some time.

"Why did a bad person do that, Dad?"

"Did you hear the coyotes last night, Joel?"


"The Bible tells us that wicked people are like wild dogs that bark and run and look for animals to eat at night.

Joel imagined a mean scary person with an ugly face, scowling and laughing while he splashed paint at the billboard. He thought of a witchy looking woman with a big wart on her nose, painting 666 on the word Meet. "Dad, who did it?"

"It could have been anyone, son."

"Was it someone that went to jail?"

"Not necessarily." Dad explained, "a long time ago, God had a prophet Amos tell Israel how bad they were. He warned them that if they didn't seek Him, He would send their enemies to destroy them and take others to another county. The people who heard Amos were surprised. They thought they were pleasing God with their worship. After all, they were God's chosen people. God would not judge them. When Amos told them these words of God, a priest named Amaziah told him to leave. I wasn't surprised, Joel, when I heard that someone put paint on the bill-board."

"Why would someone do that Dad?"

"What was in the sky last night?"

"The moon and stars."

"Who created them?"


"Who made it night, Joel?"

"God," Joel answered.

"Amos reminded Israel Who created the world and Who they were to worship, and how they were to treat others kindly. Amaziah did not like that and neither did the person who read the text on the billboard. It reminded him that he had to worship God, His Creator and Lord. It told him that someday He will have to meet God Who will judge him for his sins. He didn't like that."

Dad turned into their driveway. "Joel, that's why Amos told Israel to seek the Lord and to hear God's word. I put up that billboard to tell the people to get ready for Jesus' coming. If you seek the Lord and confess your sins, getting ready is something you want to do because you want to see Jesus. There are lovers and haters of that text, and no one in between."

When they got into the house, Dad poured some coffee in his cup. "I think I'll ask Gerald to cover the sign with clear plastic after the paint is dry."

*Read Psalm 59: 6,14-15

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