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Annual Radio Ministry Report

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The responses to the radio ministry continue to be a source of encouragement and inspiration. They show the truth of God's Word: "Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many daysÉ" (Eccl.11:1). The excerpts quoted from the letters received show something of God's wondrous way in scattering the Gospel seed. Our duty is to scatter the Gospel seed as freely as we can and radio is a wonderful means to do so. After many years and in view of the fact that fewer stations carried the broadcast in 1997, we are surprised again at the response. We're therefore very happy to report that a large sum of money was donated by an anonymous giver at the year-end so that several new stations could be added for 1998 (see schedule of stations). Here are some quotes from letters received.

Smithville, Ontario: We are thankful for the sermons you have sent to us. We are now members of the É Since joining a few years back we have really grown spiritually. We have good Bible preaching sermons, so we won't be needing sermons anymore.

Bardez-Goa, India: I express my profound gratitude for the beautiful book, "Ten Commandments," encouraging letter and especially for the address of Bibles for IndiaÉ I am engaged in evangelism and church planting

Kampala, Uganda: This is to introduce you to The Christian University of East Africa and its founderÉ who is a naturalized American citizen who fled Uganda during Idi Amin's regime and studied at L'Abri under the late Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer and Dr. H.R. RookmakerÉWe need gifted educators, lecturers, professors, doctors and professionals in varied fields who can come as volunteers to teach or work at our institutionÉ

Philippines: My name is É, a pastor of a small church in an urban poor community. I was once a follower of John Lennon, a hippy freak. At the height of my wanderings, the Lord in His sovereign grace rescued me from the lowest pit of sinÉ I want to be acquainted with theological and biblical studiesÉ

Ndola, Zambia: I received your parcel containing three booklets and a letterÉ I first came into contact with one of the Reformed theologians at the very college I am at [Fiwale Hill Bible College]. I am sure that this man (lecturer from Holland) has been instrumental in my Christian faithÉ In turn I have also influenced others with the same theology. However, the plight is we are finding it too difficult to obtain this type of literatureÉ

Scarborough, Ontario: We were listening to the broadcast of Banner of Truth from WDCX and would appreciate a copy of the message on Noah and the post-flood happeningsÉ

Hamilton, Ontario: I listen to your broadcast each Sunday morning as I sit outside my church waiting for the early service to end, as I attend the later choral service. I found this morning sermon (talk) extremely interesting as I have just finished listening to the Genesis chapter . Will you please send me two copies of today's broadcast?

Buffalo, N.Y.: I was getting ready for church Sunday morning and I heard some of the sermon of Nimrod and I never heard anyone talk about him. I listen to you every Sunday morning. If you have tapes or the sermon on paper, will you tell me the price?

Orangeville, Ontario: We have been listening to you speak on Banner of Truth Broadcast for over a year now on WDCX every Sunday morningÉ We are writing for the first time and request a copy of the transcript for É Also, we'd like to know more about your ministry. Where do you stand doctrinally?

Narsaput, India: I am doing ministry in the hill areas, and also among the forest living peopleÉ I gathered street little children orphans and for them I opened a hostel and a school alsoÉ Please send good books and magazines.

Merritt, BC: In the December 1996 issue of Banner of Truth magazine I read about printed copies of the radio messagesÉ I live in rural central British Columbia and for the past few years been studying God's Word in the light of Reformed doctrine. My wife, who is a Native American and myself live in a small Indian Reserve and attend a small Christian fellowship... I would be interested in any literature, doctrinal studies that may be available.

Depew, N.Y.: I listened to your program on WDCXÉ Will you join me in prayer for the salvation of my childrenÉ

Kent, Washington: Please send to me the sermon on "Prayer."

Portland, Oregon: It would please me greatly if you would send out a printed copy of the Sunday programÉ I was able to get your address but I don't recall the name of the preacher or sermon. It had to do with the Our Father prayer and it was quite beautiful.

Cedar Springs, Michigan: Your program is one of my favorites. As I am homebound at the present time, I listen to it every Sunday.

Inglewood, Ontario: Please send me transcripts of message É, re trials, testing. I enjoy this broadcast.

Seattle, Washington: Thank you for the free "Banner of Truth" radio broadcast publication. It is a blessing to receive them.

Email from South Africa: Thank you for the radio broadcast publication "The Life of Samson." It is appreciated.

Clarkston, Michigan: I have enjoyed the publications you have sent. Is there a cost for them to continue?

Winston-Salem: Your radio broadcast on 1040 AM in Winston-Salem N.C. this past Sunday was a rich blessing for me, and I thank God for your faithfulness to His Word and calling.

Philippines: As of now I am continuing theological education in Grace Ministerial Academy which has a Reformed Baptist position. I have not enough books, references in my research work as well in my theological study. Brethren, as of now I am suffering for booksÉ

Norway: Recently I've read a number of your sermons (and one by pastor Overduin) over the airÉ I identify you as the one whose thoughts I'm reading, so those who hear the whole program, at least know I'm not trying to be a female preacher (of which the state church here has many). Note, C.P: This American lady married to a Dutch engineer, living in Norway, is using some of our messages for an English Christian radio program in Norway.

Alto, Michigan: Please send me a copy of the broadcast of Sunday, Nov. 16th. Please forward all subsequent messages pertaining to this epistle (1 Corinthians).

A final note. Do we not see from the responses to this comparatively small work, done in much weakness and without professional glitz, the truth of God's Word declared by the psalmist?

The ends of all the earth shall hear
And turn unto the Lord in fear;
All kindreds of the earth shall own
And worship Him as God alone!
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