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From the Treasurer

Written by Peter Luth
The old year has ended and the last of the income and expenses have been recorded. And everyone will be wondering how we did. When the cost of building a new church in Cubulco was approved by Synod 1997, the 1997 budget for Cubulco came to a total of $340,000. Total cash expenses for the year added up to $305,000 of which $60,000 was spent on the new church building. This means that the new church is not yet complete. If another $40,000 are added to finish the church, then the total expenses would be $345,000 which is just slightly more than budget. Income for 1998 was $209,000, which is somewhat higher than in 1996 when $188,000 was collected. All of this means that in 1997 $96,000 more was spent than was taken in. So the challenge remains for the congregations and the societies to yet come up with the funds to make up for the shortfall in the budget.

The contributions for Christian Witness to Israel shows a very positive response to the tour made by Rev. John Ross in the Fall of 1997. Income for the year was $21,000 which compares to $12,500 in 1996. In his correspondence Rev. Ross expressed his sincere appreciation for the support that comes from our churches in North America.

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