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From the Editor

Written by Rev. H. Overduin
As this note is being written, introducing this mission insert, the newscasts speak of the possible outbreak of war against Iraq. Hearing that reminds one of the signs of the times that Jesus spoke of and of the need, therefore, to redeem the time. Work for the night is coming. The work of missions is an urgent, and earnest matter in every respect. Isn't that something every true Christian should realize and reflect on, by God's grace? There is only one Name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. There is salvation in none other and by none other than the triune God as revealed in Jesus Christ and made known in Holy Scripture. May God bless and make effectual every Gospel work spoken in His Name to people all around the globe!

Two of our Mission Committee members, pastors Pronk and VanderMeyden, spent ten days in February at the mission project in Cubulco, Guatemala. The Messenger (Mission News in March 1998 issue) includes a brief report from them. The second half of the article entitled, "Super Saints or Super-Stressed?" informs us of the real struggles that mission workers can encounter. Hopefully, reading this issue, you will see again the need for continued prayer and encouragement for our mission workers.

Our treasurer, Peter Luth, has submitted an update about the contributions and financial needs. We are grateful for all the support received.

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