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From The Editor

Written by George Bok
ÒBut this I say, brethren, the time is shortÓ (1 Corinthians 7: 29)

When the apostle Paul says, Òthe time is short,Ó he says it in the context of the unmarried and widows, thereby speaking to whatever the state believers find themselves. This world is passing away; the Christian life must be lived in the realization that there is no time to waste (Rom.13: 11,12). God must be served without distraction. For some that is in the marriage relationship, for others outside marriage. As we have entered a New Year, the words of the apostle Paul seem to have added urgency. We look at world events, wars and rumours of war, famines, and earthquakes. Recently, the terrible tsunami in Asia wiped out whole villages and killed thousands of people. Our Lord speaks of terrible events that will precede his coming--the distress of nations and the sea and the waves roaring (Lk.21: 25).

We have entered the year 2005 A.D., the year of our Lord. It is a year of grace, a time of opportunity to work in the LordÕs service. Time belongs to Him and should be spent for Him; we are created to glorify Him. The coming of the Lord is nearer than when we first believed. He is coming in judgment, but He is also longsuffering, not willing that any should perish. The missionary task is to gather the ransomed from all peoples, through the preaching of the gospel. In a biography of Hudson Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, who was part of the missionary work in Inland China, touched upon a deep principle for missions when she wrote: ÒI have been feeling these last months that of all our work the most important is that unseen, upon the mount of intersession. Our faith must gain the victory for the fellow workers God has given us. They fight the seen, we must fight the unseen battle.Ó

Let us who are at home do our share in giving and praying for this cause. As you read the articles we hope that you may receive a greater insight in the work in Guatemala. May the Lord bless the work done by His faithful servants, to the furtherance of the gospel and the coming of His kingdom, to His glory.

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