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Written by Peter Langbroek
Children, IÕll make up a scene I think is very familiar:

Anne, head lowered, walks duck-footed, wearing a frumpled dress and new brown shoes, toward two girls at recess, near two trees by the school playground. The two girlsÕ names are Lynda and Cynthia.

Cynthia: Hi Alice! HowÕs it going?

Alice: Fine.

Lynda: Hey, I like your new shoes. WhereÕd you get them?

Alice: At K-mart.

Lynda: I wouldnÕt mind getting them!

Cynthia: Those laces are pretty cool.

(Alice shyly walks away, not knowing what to say, feeling nervous, not trusting the girlsÕ honesty.)

Cynthia: See ya later, Alice!

Lynda: I wouldnÕt wear those if you paid me a million dollars.

Cynthia: SheÕs such a geek! Did you see how É(Both laugh maliciously).

Are there children who talk this way? Do you talk this way? If it would be possible, what would it be like if one day of our life was cam-corded? How much of our conversation would be malice or hateful talk?

A camcorder certainly would tape such a conversation, but it would stop short in showing how sinful we are. A camcorder canÕt tape our heart. Also, weÕre smart enough not to say everything we think. We act by Òdisguising our tongues,Ó the Bible says. You know what a disguise is; itÕs when you dress up to look like another person. Believe me, some are good at disguising their tongues. This is what Proverbs 26:24 says: ÒHe that hateth dissembleth (disguises or covers up) with his lips, and layeth up deceit within him.Ó The two girls acted nice to Alice, but they did it to poke fun of her and to speak maliciously of her. Such disguising is a type of lie, and itÕs sin in GodÕs eyes. God hates disguises. He hates them because He can do what a camcorder canÕt do: search our hearts.

We have fooled others many times, but God we canÕt fool, and yet, many have thought so. By disguising with good deeds and nice talk, many think the Lord will accept them into eternal life. Think of Jeroboam. As his son was dying, Jeroboam, filled with guilt, told his wife to dress up like another woman and bring some goodies to half-blind Ahijah, the prophet. He supposed a disguise and a few goodies would get Ahijah to say his son would be OK. But God told Ahijah of her disguise, and Ahijah prophesied their sonÕs death and the destruction of JeroboamsÕ family.

Children, letÕs not be fools. Our disguises before God donÕt please Him, and He despises our acting nice, then Ôstabbing others in the backÕ as we so often do. Instead, He wants honesty. He calls us to confess who we are: sinners who deserve to be in hell. Such honesty is very painful, even impossible in our own strength, but it is the only way to come near to God. It peels off our disguises and shows us how evil our hearts really are. But the pain brings grace through JesusÕ blood and we are set free from acting. LetÕs tell the Lord who we really are.

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