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50th Anniversary Grand Rapids, Michigan

Written by Rev. C. Pronk
In the preface to a special commemorative church directory the present pastor, Rev. P. VanderMeyden, writes: 
It has been a fruitful practice throughout the history of the
church to set up memorials. They mark a certain point in our
life’s journey. They serve as symbolic reminders of the past for
ourselves and future generations. They are a means of humbling us
as we remember our sinful failings. But they encourage us as we
are reminded of the great mercy of the Lord who yet built His
The Lord Himself gave people memorials to the Church. For
example, the Sabbath Day (Deut.5:15), the Passover Feast
(Ex.12:27), the Feast of Tabernacles (Lev.23:34-43), and the heap of
twelve stones which He commanded Israel to pile up at the place
where they crossed the Jordan into the promised land (Josh.4:7)
were all memorials. They were given so that at regular times the
Israelites and their children would be reminded of the great
mercies of the Lord toward His undeserving people.
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