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From the Editor

Written by Rev. H. Overduin
How fitting to have a missions newsletter in the month of December! In this month we think about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of sinners. Jesus came to be the Light of the world, He came to save sinners, to destroy the works of the devil, and to give life and that more abundantly (John 8:12; 1 John 3:8, John 10:19). JesusÕ Person as Saviour and His work as Saviour of sinners is to be heartily proclaimed to all! When He was born the angel also said as we can read in Luke 2:10: ÒI bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people.Ó

The Lord has richly blessed us as churches with the gospel message about the ONLY comfort in life and death. The only comfort is belonging to Jesus in the way of true faith. May the Lord Who has blessed us with that gracious gospel of salvation make us more and more, not only to be custodians of the truthÑalways, but also conveyors of the truthÑalways. The message that needs to be sounded in the church and outside the church as we near the end of the twentieth century is that old, old message about: SINÑwhat sinners we are by nature! DELIVERANCEÑwhat a Saviour Jesus Christ is for sinners! And GRATITUDEÑwhat thankful obedience should be shown by GodÕs people for His great salvation so rich and free! May God continue to enable us and prosper us in the proclamation of His Word among ourselves, in our communities and in places far away. We praise God for the opportunities He gives us to make known the wonderful words of life to others. Let there be continued prayer too for those on the Òfront-linesÓ on the mission fields and in our churches and communities locally.

This newsletter includes a report from John and Connie Otten, a report from Mary, a report from Langley congregation about their Banner of Truth Radio Broadcast promotion work, and there is a report from Klaas & Josje Pikkert who are members of the Hamilton congregation and who as a retired couple (he is a retired Christian high school teacher) volunteer their services to teach wherever missionaries need them. They presently are working in Bulgaria and they tell a little about some of their experiences. These reports bring out, not only how favoured we are in so many ways, but also how God blesses the word and deed promotion of His gospel. Only eternity will show how He blesses even the smallest of deeds done in His Name for the promotion of His glory. May this newsletter encourage each one of us to let our light shineÑyou in your small corner and I in mine.

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