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Banner of Truth Radio Broadcast

Written by Rev. C. and F. Pronk
We are thankful that we can report that responses to the radio ministry continue. One of the most interesting was a phone call from a listener from Oregon who said she just had to call and let us know how she had been gripped by the program one Sunday in March. She heard the program in her car. Another call was from a person in Oklahoma who had gotten hold of a printed message and wanted to know whether the program could be heard in that area.

The Mission and Evangelism Committee of the Langley FRC was instrumental in adding quite a number of addresses to our mailing list. They participated in a Mission Fest where they distributed printed radio messages together with a form to be filled out.

A number of inquires for information about the short wave station resulted due to the editor of the Banner of Truth TrustÕs note concerning our broadcast. Some where from as far away as Trinidad.

Requests for Bibles, cassettes and Christian literature regularly come from African countries and from India. Often these are from students. We usually place them on our mailing list and sometimes send a Bible (used) if this is requested. We have learned to be careful what we send because some items are requested merely for resale. Our thinking is that the radio booklets are a relatively cheap item to send. To prove that often the aim is to obtain money, the following letter was received recently. ÒI have received all your tracks (!CP) mailed to me, God bless youÉPlease the tracks you gave me I donÕt like, so please give me something better for ChristmasÉPlease, what I like is your country money and I am sure if you give me your country money I will also send you my country moneyÉÓ We wrote back and counselled this young man to Òfirst seek the kingdom of GodÉÓ

A question in a letter from Ghana was: ÒPastor, I have always hear (sic) that the youth in America and Canada does not like to attend church and also many church is full of old aged people.Ó The young man assures us that prayer is offered by the African churches for us, and the Ghanaian asks: ÒPlease, I want to know whether our prayers are answered or else we intensify our ministry of intercession.Ó We replied that by the grace of God our churches still have many interested young people.

Financially the Lord has provided again this year. There was no abundance, but it was sufficient. Two stations were dropped because they were expensive and there seemed little response. It was gratifying that several members of our churches requested that memorial contributions be made for the radio ministry. Excerpts from some letters follow to let you share in what God is doing.

Scarborough, Ontario: I listen to your wonderful teaching on WDCX, as I drive on my way to church. I thank God for your broadcast. Please place me on your regular mailing listÉ

Welland, Ontario: Please include me on your mailing list for your Sunday broadcast messages. After hearing, I really would like to read them.

Benin City, Nigeria: I am a pastor hereÉand would wish you send me copies of your publications from now on together with any other Christian literature you know can be of help to me.

A Pastor in Australia: ÒI am interested in the Reformed Radio Station. Do we receive it here in Australia? Could I please receive your published messages?

Savannah, Georgia: I so much enjoyed the sermon that I heard on Sunday January 15. It is my first time in hearing your broadcast and its profound truths of your sermon really moved my spirit. Would you please send me a copy at the following address? (I heard your program on WDCX Buffalo, N.Y.)

Grandville, Michigan: I enjoy your sermons so much on the Grand Rapids station. Could you please send me a copy of sermon on Sunday p.m.?

Hamilton, Ontario: I listen to your radio ministry every Sunday morning. I enjoy your ministry. I would like to have the printed sermonÉMay God bless you.

Sparta, Michigan: I was greatly blessed by our God, upon listening to brother PronkÕs message today. I heard it on 1260 AMÉPlease send me the printed message so I can share it with friends.

Mount Vernon, Washington: I listen to your message often on Sunday and am blessedÉTodayÕs afternoon message moved me into writing requesting four written copies of the message.

Cobble Hill, BC: As we are unable to hear you (owing to change in time) would it be possible for you to send me a few of your sermons, just enough to last till the clocks are changed again?

Holland, Michigan: I enjoy listening to you every Sunday, and am in full agreement with your message, and would like to send a copy to a good friend.

Bellevue, Washington: I happened to chance upon one of your broadcasts as I was listening to the radio yesterday, and thought it was right on target. Since I was walking in the park at the time and listening on my Walkman, I couldnÕt write down the necessary information to request a printed copyÉI called KGNW and they gave me your addressÉ(Needless to say, we referred this listener, as well as others from this area, to Pastor Gangar, C.P.)

Port Angeles, Washington: Boy! Am I ever late in sending my tenth this year. Somehow, life is going by faster than I am ready for it. (A sizeable donation from a person who has been a radio friend for many years was enclosed.)

South Africa: My sister has been receiving your booklet ÒBanner of TruthÓ for years now. One day I ÒstoleÓ (not really) one of these from her letter box. Now I canÕt seem to put it down. As we are in the Reformed Church of SA, I like to do my Bible study from your ÒBannerÉÓ

Douglas, Arizona: (From an inmate who is doing chaplaincy work and wants Reformed Bible study material.) The Lord did not place His hand upon me (called me unto regeneration) until I was brought upon my knees here in prison some 5 years ago. (From another letter): Just recently I began a class I Reformed Dogmatics here at the Gila-Douglas Unit where I am housed three nights a weeksÉLast month I began to train a class by correspondenceÉI conduct two worship servicesÉ

Kitchener, Ontario: I would be very grateful to receive a printed copy of the message concerning the Holy Spirit reproving the world of righteousness (John 16:10).

Burien, Washington: I listened today to KGNW. The lesson was on Hosea and it was very good. I was making a quick trip downtown to do a quick little errand but ended up sitting in the parking lot for the whole programÑdidnÕt want to miss a word.

There was a letter from someone who asked for prayer because, ÒI am vexed and ever under a sense of GodÕs wrath. Doubts of all sorts have aggravated my confused madness. I need more than anything the grace of God to visit me with faith, understanding and genuine repentanceÉÓ (We were able to refer this person to a pastor of one of our churches, C.P.)

May God receive the glory. We need your continued support and prayers to make this ministry possible. We trust that the above letters indicate that the radio ministry is not without fruits.

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