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From the Editor

Written by Rev. H. Overduin
In the February 19 evening meditation from C.H. SpurgeonÕs Morning and Evening, Daily Readings, Spurgeon writes among other things, ÓTrue grace puts an end to all spiritual monopolyÉAs soon as a man has found Christ, he begins to find others.Ó This quotation describes the motivation and activity of all mission and evangelism efforts on the part of all GodÕs people throughout the world. GodÕs people recognize that Jesus as Saviour of sinners is not only altogether needful, but also altogether lovely, beyond measure! Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFEÑand to know Him, and believe in Him is to have eternal life! To be ignorant of Him and to be unbelieving towards Him means to perish in your sins forever! When you have been joined to Christ by grace through faith, the fruit of that always is that you also want others to be joined to Christ too. ÒTrue grace puts an end to all spiritual monopoly.Ó Indeed!

The above conviction and realization is also what spurs us on in the various mission and evangelism projects that we are involved in at the present time. As Free Reformed Churches we are involved in mission and relief work in Cubulco, Guatemala and in a Christian radio ministry that reaches out to many places and peoples of this world. In this issue of the Mission News Report we have an update from Gary DeSterke who is working in Cubulco with his family with the special goal and task of translating the Old Testament Scriptures into the language of the Achi Indians. We also have the annual radio report which again brings out how the God of sovereign grace is still working in a saving way by means of His holy Word and the Gospel proclamation thereof. It is encouraging reading!

Prayer and Encouragement
In regard to the work of missions and evangelism, it is important that we remember to pray and intercede for those who are on the front lines. Those who Òsow the seedÓ on mission fields and in any full-time concentrated manner are Òlabourers: who can become tired; they are Òempty vesselsÓ in themselves, and also often objects of specific assaults from Satan. Will you be a prayer warrior for missions and evangelism and all who are involved with this work? ÒThe effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth muchÓ (James 5:16b).

While this report is being prepared several members of our denominationÕs mission committee are in Guatemala for their annual visit. They plan to spend about five days with the missionaries and their families for consultation, review, planning and encouragement. In this way contact is maintained between the mission field and the home front.

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