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Installation and Inauguration Service of Rev. H. Overduin as Pastor of the Free Reformed Church of Chilliwack, BC

Written by Gerritt deJong
Together with many friends and visitors, the congregation of Chilliwack witnessed the dedication and inauguration of Rev. H. Overduin as their new pastor on Friday evening, January 26, 1996.

Pastor K. Gangar led the installation service and preached on John 10:41: Òall things that John spake of this man were true.Ó By what standards do we judge a pastor and his ministry to be successful? The pastor is only a voice and points away from himself. A pastor can be considered successful only by divine approval and by leading sinners to Christ. He must preach repentance and faith toward Christ, expose hypocrisy, and preach the whole counsel of God. He must preach the glory of Christ. If sinners come to Christ through the preaching of the Word, then a pastorÕs ministry can be considered successful. All the glory belongs to Christ, and not to man. Pastor Gangar urged the congregation to continually uphold their pastor with prayer.

After the sermon, pastor Gangar read the Form of Ordination of the Ministers of GodÕs Word, and with a clear affirmative answer Rev. Overduin responded to the questions put to him from the form, thereby officially binding himself as the LordÕs servant to the congregation of the Free Reformed Church at Chilliwack. Standing, the congregation sang to him and upon him, the blessing and prayer as it is expressed in Psalter 421, stanzas 5 and 6. Pastor Gangar then read the Formula of Subscription which Rev. Overduin signed in view of the congregation, thereby making him officially a member of the Consistory.

Pastor OverduinÕs message was based on Song of Solomon 5:16 ÓYea, He is altogether lovely.Ó We quote him: ÒIt is my desire to set Christ before you.Ó Jesus Christ is the Light of the world, the Saviour of sinners. He came as the one sent, anointed, and approved by the Father. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is a rich Saviour for poor and lost sinners. Behold him in His offices, His power, His willingness, and in the wide and free offer of His Gospel. Pastor Overduin showed how Christ is revealed in every book of the Bible. Do not reject Him, but repent and believe the truth as it is in Christ Jesus our Lord. May there be much fruit upon the Word in our midst, and may we all be true witnesses for Him. May we live for Him and proclaim the glory of the complete and full Saviour: ÓYea , He is altogether lovely.Ó This will be the theme in glory for all who have believed His Word, and received the Saviour.

After the sermon, various addresses were given: by Elder G. deJong for the Consistory of Chilliwack; Rev. J.W. Wullschleger as pastor of Langley FRC; Rev. M. VanLuik for the Canadian Reformed Church; Rev. M. Zylstra for the Evergreen Covenant Reformed Church; Elder W. Terpstra for the Christian Reformed Church; Rev. P. Walker for the Presbyterian Church of America; Rev. L.W. Bilkes for the denomination and Churches in the West. Also, many congratulations were received from our own denomination and beyond.

Rev. Overduin ended the service with a word of thankful acknowledgment and then officially as pastor of the Free Reformed Church of Chilliwack, he pronounced the benediction upon the congregation in the Name of the Lord.

As Consistory and congregation of Chilliwack, we may truly say ÒThe LORD has done great things for us; whereof we are gladÓ (Ps.126:3).

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