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Local Church Events

Written by Pastor J.W. and Ria Wullschleger
Grand Rapids, Michigan
On August 25th Dr. L.W. Bilkes was installed as the new pastor of the Grand Rapids congregation. The installation service was led by his son, pastor L.J. Bilkes from Dundas. May the Lord bless the ministry of His servant in his new charge. May He also provide in the vacancy of the Abbotsford congregation and supply them with another servant.

Lacombe, Alberta
On August 27th the Lacombe preaching station was instituted as a congregation. A special service was held in the Lacombe Christian School Gym. Rev. J. Schoeman from Monarch, the overseeing church, led the service. This is a joyful event for the people of Lacombe. After more than two years of meeting as a preaching station, they requested Synod 2004 to become a full-fledged congregation. We give thanks to the Lord and wish the people of Lacombe the LordÕs blessing. May He make His cause to flourish also in that part of Alberta.

St. George, Ontario
Beginning in September a new preaching station is planned for St. George. This station is under the supervision of the consistory of Brantford. For the coming few months services will be held only in the afternoon. After this an evaluation will take place. May the Lord bless this effort, and give that in due time a new congregation may be instituted.

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