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Written by Pastor J.W. and Ria Wullscheleger
Some of our churches commemorated their institution. The Grand Rapids congregation remembered that it was instituted 60 years ago, on June 28, 1944. Ten years later, in 1954, two other congregations were established: Toronto on May 2, and Mitchell on July 13. The latter two were established by Dutch immigrants who came to Canada after World War II. These congregations have now been in existence for 50 years. Congratulations to all. We acknowledge GodÕs faithful mercy toward you throughout the past 50 and 60 years. May He bless you also in the future.

Some rumours circulated over the past year regarding Pastor C. PronkÕs retirement. His initial intention was to seek emeritation at Synod 2005. He mentioned at Synod 2004 that this has changed. He is thankful for the good health the Lord is giving him and his wife and he feels called to continue his ministry in the congregation of Brantford without setting a definite date for retirement. This decision was made partly in view of the anticipated changes that will be involved in the establishment of a preaching station by Brantford The consistory has communicated its support to the pastor, noting with thanksgiving the evident blessings on his ministry in his congregation. Another consideration for Rev. Pronk is the shortage of ministers in the denomination. We wish to add our gratitude as well for what the Lord has given to us as a denomination in our brother. May He use His servant also in the future for the good of our churches.

This year also the churches in the West are organizing a church camp. Many families from the three congregations in the West attend this camp every year. This church camp is a good opportunity to foster fellowship among its members. The plan is to have this yearÕs camp from August 16 to 21, the Lord willing, at Hicks Lake near Harrison, British Columbia. We wish those attending a relaxing time in this beautiful environment of lakes surrounded by mountains.

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