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From the Editor

Written by George Bok
The key to the missionary message is the propitiation of Christ Jesus. The word propitiation means to appease and to reconcile; it is a sacrifice to God to take away the enmity brought about by sin between God and the worshipper. Only Christ can be an effective propitiation. He is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world. He is the propitiation for our sins. John writes this about those who are presently believers, but Òalso for the sins of the whole world.Ó The missionary message is not patriotic; it is irrespective of nations and individuals; it is for the whole world. It is for the sins of all who come to God through Jesus Christ. The extent and intent of the MediatorÕs death reaches to all tribes, nations and countries. A missionary is not to proclaim his own point of view, but to proclaim the Lamb of God. This is the Gospel, and when the Holy Spirit comes, He brings his own, gathered from all nations, into union with the Lord Jesus.

A number of new developments have taken place and it is time to give you an update. It is a blessing that we have a Òwide-open doorÓ in Guatemala and through the Banner of Truth Radio Ministry, which broadcasts radio messages to many countries in the world. Some reports follow of the ongoing work in Cubulco, Guatemala, and the radio ministry by Pastor Overduin. Included is a financial update by Pete Luth, treasurer of Free Reformed Missions International.

Rev. Herfst Sent out as Mission Instructor
A report of the installation service of Pastor Ken Herfst may be found in the main part of The Messenger. Pastor Herfst was sent out by the Hamilton congregation to serve as a Missions Instructor in Theology at the Evangelical Presbyterian Seminary in San Felippe, Guatemala.

FRCMI and Word & Deed Relationship
A new development in Guatemala is that John Otten, who was formerly employed by Word and Deed Canada through A.M.G. International (Guatemala), will now work under the supervision of Free Reformed Missions International (FRCMI). This will not involve any additional financial responsibilities for FRCMI, as Word and Deed will continue to support him financially as before. His job description also remains the same. He will be loaned to A.M.G. and continue to serve as administrator of the Cubulco hospital, and look after the agricultural and nutrition centres in the Cubulco area. The Otten family is presently on furlough in Ontario and staying with JohnÕs parents, members of the Wellandport FRC, where they can be contacted for speaking about their work.

Prayerful Support
Our mission work is expanding and therefore needs your ongoing support and prayer. Remember also Word and Deed Ministries as it continues to raise funds for the work done by the Ottens as well as many other relief projects in various countries. May the Lord bless the labour of His faithful servants, wherever they serve for the building up and coming of His kingdom, and His glory.

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