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Written by Peter Langbroek
The sun was setting at the Sea of Galilee. Seven disciples of Jesus had left Jerusalem to go fishing. They fished all night but caught nothing. Dog-tired they rowed to shore. Then a man called out from shore, ÒDid you catch any fish?Ó ÒNo,Ó they replied. The man called back, ÒThrow the net on the right side of the boat and youÕll find some.Ó They obeyed. When they did the catch was largeÑ153 large fishÑso large they couldnÕt get it on the boat. They realized Who the Man was. ÒIt is the Lord,Ó the disciple John exclaimed! Peter, hearing that, put on his cloak and jumped into the water to meet Jesus.

Jesus was waiting for them as He tended fish and bread on a fire of coals. ÒCome and dine,Ó He invited! The seven disciples pushed the boat ashore and Peter hauled the full net near Jesus. There, as the sun came up, the disciples ate with Jesus. No one dared ask Him if He was Jesus. They knew.

What a marvellous scene that was! ItÕs coloured with GodÕs love. Jesus waited for them. He increased their catch from 0 to 153 large fish. He prepared their meal. He invited the disciples to eat with Him. What did they do for Him? They scattered when Jesus was arrested and crucified. One of them, Peter, even denied he knew Jesus when, a few hours before Jesus was arrested, Peter told Jesus he would lay down his life for Him. Yet Jesus searched, served, and invited them. Above all, He forgave them.

You see, if love wants rather than gives, thinks of me rather than you, and lasts in fair weather only, itÕs not love. True love is God-centred and from God.

IÕm sure each disciple marvelled as they ate and talked with Jesus that morning. I know Peter did. After breakfast, Jesus asked him three times: ÒDo you love me?Ó Peter was grieved. He confessed his love for Christ, but with shame because he had denied Jesus. Peter knew he deserved GodÕs wrath, not GodÕs love.

The marvel is that Jesus died for sinners. For sinners He prepares a meal and calls out: ÒCome and dine!Ó No, Jesus is not making breakfast now. Rather, HeÕs preparing a feast, a feast in eternity when His elect will be gathered in from all times and places. Picture the scene again: Jesus on shore, bread and fish on a fire of coals. ÒCome and dine,Ó He calls! How great is His love, for He calls us too: Come, all things are ready.

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