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Written by Peter Langbroek
ÒListen Up!Ó You probably hear your teacher say something like that, now that youÕre in school again. I am a teacher and know how it feels to talk to a class that does not listen. But if you have a caring teacher he/she wants you to listen so you can learn. Your teacher wants you to be big-eared, because the bigger your ears, the more you will learn.

ÒAh!Ó you clever ones say, Òjust because my ears are bigger than BobÕs ears doesnÕt make me a better listener!Ó HereÕs a math problem to show you what I mean. My niece pumps gas at a gas station. Four people come with empty tanks to fill up. One man comes with a jerry can for his lawn mower, the other with a motorbike, the other with a small car, and the other with a three-ton truck. Who gets the most gas? Obviously the three-ton truck driver does, because he came with the biggest tank.

Our Great Teacher, Jesus Christ, once taught a very large class of people from a boat by the Sea of Galilee. Loving Teacher that He was, He knew the class wasnÕt listening. He told stories about hearing and said, ÒIf any man have ears to hear, let him hear,Ó Ð another way of saying, ÒListen Up!Ó He wanted their ears to hear His message, so the message could enter their hearts, so that their hearts could get their hands and feet to do what He said.

Then He encouraged and warned them: ÒTake heed what ye hear; with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given: and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hathÓ (Mark 4:24-25). Jesus pictures people coming to a generous grain farmer with containers. Whatever the size of the container, it is filled with grain, and then some more. The wise person with the biggest container gets the most. The one with a teaspoon gets a little, and the one with no container is sent away.

This is a great promise! If we hear JesusÕ call, ÒRepent ye, and believe the gospelÓ (Mark 1:15b), and follow Christ as true disciples, the Father in the end of days will, in His grace, pour lavish gifts on us. The more weÕve paid attention to this call, the more gracious gifts weÕll receive. But if we day-dream, put our hands over our ears, or fool around while Jesus speaks, God will take what little weÕve heard, away from us. Our punishment will be eternal.

Children, the promise is so great and the warning so strong. You hear so much of the things of God. This makes the opportunities so great and ChristÕs warning much stronger to you. Whenever you hear the Bible read or hear your parents, teachers, ministers, or friends speak about the Word of God, be BIG-EARED!

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