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Local Church Events

Written by Pastor J.W. and Ria Wullschleger
Grand Rapids
The following is a firsthand report regarding the April 3 to 10 Youth Group Mission Trip. ÒEveryone who went on the mission trip to Tennessee had a really enjoyable time. They were able to build a 22Õ x 26Õ carport for a paraplegic who we have previously worked for, about 5 years ago. They finished the project by Wednesday, and went to help others out on Thursday. On Friday they spent the day at a theme park in the area and returned safely by 10 AM Saturday.Ó At the end of April a Work Team went to Colombia for Word & Deed USA.

On April 18 it was exactly fifty years ago that brother Garry Postma accompanied the congregational singing in the Hamilton congregation for the first time. It is a memorable event to have served the congregation as organist for half a century! Pastor Procee wrote in the bulletin, ÒMany have been blessed and comforted by the warm and feeling manner in which brother Postma has accompanied the congregational singing throughout all these years.Ó May the Lord give him many more years of service in accompanying the congregational singing.

Churches in the West
A marriage enrichment seminar was held in mid April in Chilliwack. It was entitled ÒStrengthen the Bond,Ó and was aimed to give biblical directives for marriage. The combined churches of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia hosted it. The conference was well attended by 55 couples (including 4 engaged couples) from all the Western churches (Abbotsford, Bellevue, Chilliwack, Langley, Monarch), and some from outside our denomination. Pastor P. VanderMeyden was the keynote speaker. He has led similar conferences in Brantford and Vineland, his home congregation. The conference was well organized, instructive, encouraging, and at times amusing. May the Lord use conferences like these to Òstrengthen the bondÓ of those who have exchanged marriage vows.

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