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From the Editor

Written by Rev. H. Overduin
The intention of this publication is to keep you informed concerning the mission work and other outreach activities that we as Free Reformed Churches are involved in. The plan is to include an insert in our denominational publication about four times per year. This also leaves more space for other articles of instruction and edification in The Messenger.

In His goodness the Lord has given us a number of wide-open doors of opportunities for mission work and Gospel witness. For a small denomination such as ours this is a great privilege, but also an awesome responsibility. The Publications Committee came up with the idea of a separate Mission and Outreach insert, not only for our own congregations, but also for the benefit of other churches and denominations which are supporting some of our mission projects, for which we are very thankful. These inserts can then be sent to them separately.

The purpose is to give information about the important work of mission and outreach activities and to impress our readers with the need for unceasing prayer for the work and the workers, as well as the need for continuous financial support. Our churches have committed themselves to the following projects:

*Guatemala Mission. A growing mission work is centred in Cubulco. Presently our churches support an ordained missionary, Rev. Ken Herfst and his family, Miss Mary Overduin who works with women and children, and a Bible translator, Gary DeSterke and his family.

*Christian Relief Work. Funds have been pledged to help with the operation of a hospital in Cubulco, which serves the people among whom our missionaries work. This hospital, operated under the auspices of AMG International, has among its workers John and Connie Otten, members of the Free Reformed Church of Vineland, Ontario. Periodically work teams are organized to complete specific projects.

*The Banner of Truth Radio Broadcast. For many years our radio pastor, Cornelis (Neil) Pronk, has prepared and broadcast fifteen-minute messages every week which are broadcast over various radio stations in the United States, Canada and by short-wave. There has been a steady listener response, giving evidence of God's blessings on this work.

*Other Activities. Support is given to Christian organizations and services such as Christian Witness to Israel, a long-established organization, founded by M'Cheyne, whose workers provide a Christian witness to the Jews. Rev. John Ross, a representative of this organization, is scheduled to visit us in May. Support is also given to Mediterranean Missions, headed by Rev. T. Atkinson, which has a Reformed witness in Italy; the Christian Counselling Centre, established in St. Thomas, Ontario, provides families and individuals with counselling based on God's Word by a professional, Mr. John Van Oorspronk; every year a booth is set up to make Reformed literature available to the many visitors at the Plowing Match held in southern Ontario.

We plan to publish information and periodic updates. It is our prayer that God bless our efforts to promote our missionary calling, so that we all may be more involved in the greatest and most important activity here on earth, namely, the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our communities and to the ends of the earth.

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