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From the Editor

Written by Rev. Overduin
The summer season is again almost overÑhow fast it goes! It brings to mind Jeremiah 8:20ÑÒThe harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.Ó

The sad reality is that many in this world are not yet saved. It is hard for us to realize that many in our times still have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is hard to grasp too, that there are still countless millions who donÕt have the Bible in their own language.

As the summer of GodÕs grace and long-suffering continues, how we should be diligent, zealous, and prayerful for the cause of missions and evangelism. Proverbs 10:5 states, ÒHe that gathers in the summer is wise: but he that sleeps in harvest is a son that causes shame.Ó A contemporary paraphrase of that text reads: ÒA wise youth makes hay while the sun shines, but what a shame to see a lad who sleeps away his hour of opportunity.Ó We need

to be a people who Òmakes hayÓ while the Sun of righteousness still shines in His mercy and grace upon this world. May the Lord bless all the efforts of His people world-wide in promoting the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in calling sinners to the one and only all-sufficient Saviour revealed in the Bible. Let us pray, especially for our missionary team and world relief workers in Guatemala.

This issue of Mission News includes an article from missionary Ken Herfst, Bible translator Gary DeSterke, and World Relief hospital administrator, John Otten. Their articles indicate that the Gospel message is being heard and blessed and their articles indicate that there is reason for much prayer for GodÕs further blessing in CubulcoÑand wherever the Gospel seed is sown.

We plant and water in dependency upon the Lord and we look for the increase in dependency on Him Who by His Spirit and through the Word takes care to Òadd to the church daily as should be savedÓ (Acts 2:47).

ÒThy kingdom comeÓ
that is:
Rule us so by Thy word and Spirit in such a way
that more and more we submit to Thee.
Keep Thy church strong and add to it.
Destroy the devilÕs work:
destroy every force that revolts against Thee,
and every conspiracy against Thy Word.
Do this until Thy kingdom is so complete
and perfect that in it Thou art ALL IN ALL!


ÒThy kingdom comeÓ
that is:
Lord may Thy kingdom come with haste;
Lay SatanÕs dark domain to waste;
And rule us by Thy precious Word,
Till EVERYWHERE Thy praise be heard.
Let ALL the earth Thy Name revere,
For Thou in glory shalt appear.
(See Heidelberg Catechism, Q&A 123)

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