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Youth Page

Written by Mr.Peter Langbroek
The first day of school, what a fresh new day! Everything is so newÑnew books, new shoes, new shirts, new grade, and a new teacher! For me, a teacher, itÕs a fresh new day too. I know what that first day feels like. I had thirteen Òfirst daysÓ at school as a student. As a teacher I had ten of them. One thing I remember is wondering what my teacher would be like, especially if he/she was a new teacher. I wanted to know that teacher, and I hoped he or she would be nice to me and would teach me interesting things. As a teacher, I too, want to know who my students are. I also hope certain things from my students. But thereÕs one thing I really hope for: that they have what the best student can have. Can you guess what it is?

HereÕs a multiple choice question. Circle the best answer. The child is the best student if he or she is: a) friendly; b) smart; c) good-looking; d) well-behaved; e) eager to learn.

The best answer is e). A friendly boy or girl can be a lazy child. He can also be a careless worker. IÕve also known friendly boys and girls who were not so friendly behind my back. In fact, they could be very sneaky. You know that better than I do. A smart boy or girl can be a lazy child. He may get CÕs when he could get a B, or he gets BÕs when he could get AÕs. Some smart kids get AÕs without doing much at all. Some smart kids can think theyÕre Mr. Know-it-all. They can be disobedient too. Good-looking? ItÕs nice to be good-looking, but good-looking does not make a good student. Well-behaved is close; teachers love well-behaved children! But a well-behaved child can be less-behaved in other things. I know well-behaved children who could be quite stubborn.

So I choose e). On my first day in class I wander down the rows of the classroom. I look at each child and hope to find that eager look that says: ÒTeacher, teach me! To be friendly, smart, good-looking or well-behaved are good qualities, but they are not the place to start. Why do I say that? The Bible says so.

The Lord is a Teacher to all who fear Him. He chose His students and made them teachable. He didnÕt make them friendly, smart, good-looking or well-behaved. In fact, His best students are none of the above, at least to start with. To know God, to know Who He is, to love Him and obey Him begins by being eager to learn.

One such student was David. David was friendly, smart, good-looking, well-behaved (not always), as well as eager to learn. In fact, he wrote a Psalm to show us what an eager learner of God is like. He wrote Psalm 25. David wrote this Psalm when his enemies hated him, when they called him bad names, and accused him of things he did not do. He wrote what he prayed and what he thought of the Lord. He wrote it in such a way that people could sing it and memorize it. In his language he made every verse begin with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

The Lord guided his heart and thoughts so we may know what His students are like. GodÕs students are trusting. David prayed: ÒO my God, I trust in TheeÓ (Psalm 25:2a). His students want to learn. David prayed: ÒShow me Thy ways, O Lord; teach me Thy paths. Lead me in Thy truth, and teach me: for Thou art the God of my salvation; on Thee do I wait all the dayÓ (25:4,5). His students asked God to forgive their sins. David prayed: ÒRemember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions: according to Thy mercy remember Thou me for Thy goodnessÕ sake, O LordÓ (25:7).

What was GodÕs answer to his prayer? David knew: ÒGood and upright is the Lord: therefore He will teach sinners in the wayÓ (25:8). You see, God knows better than we do that weÕre all sinners. He teaches sinners like us from His Word and through His Holy Spirit. For those eager to learn, thereÕs a special name; they are called the meek. The meek are the humble, the ones who know the Lord Who gave His promises to them. He sent His Son to die for sinners, so He would not remember their sins or their transgressions. ÒThe meek He will guide in judgment: and the meek will He teach His wayÓ (25:9).

Children, youÕre not the only ones who sin. Your teachers do too. In fact, I could not be a true Christian teacher if I was not meek. My calling is to teach sinners GodÕs ways. ItÕs wonderful to know that you donÕt need to be friendly, smart, good-looking or well-behaved. GodÕs knows what counts. What counts is a sinner who hears, sees, and understands what God has said, and who trust in Him with a heart always eager to learn from Him.

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