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Written by Mr. Peter Langbroek
"Good, thought Jason, "they're starting to sing now. Mom will be at the next table!" Jason sat in the pew watching people eat bread and drink wine out of shiny cups. He sat with his mom on the fourth pew on the right. His dad sat at the big, long table covered with a white tablecloth. He was an elder of the church. He never sat with his mom and two sisters, but sat in the pew in front of the church.

Today the Lord's Supper was held. It was a long service, but Jason didn't have to go to Sunday School after church. The people were leaving the big table now. There was Opa. Aunt Wilma was helping him back to the bench. Reverend Van Dyk stood in front of the big table, cleaning it up a bit.

"The table is set. There's always room at Jesus' table," Jason heard him say. Mom stood up. "You sit still and watch your little sister," she warned. Ashley was his three-year old sister. She was just starting to come to the service. Talk about sitting still; she never sits still!

Jason watched his mom leave to go to the front of the church. It was quiet as the adults found a seat at the big table. Jason knew something special was happening. He always wondered why the minister poured the wine from the shiny jug into a high shiny cup.

But Jason was thinking about something else. His mouth watered. Now was his chance. Mom was gone. Beside him was her purse. His fingers held the zipper--zzzip. His fingers slipped into the purse and felt the things inside. He kept looking straight ahead. He thought his dad might see him. His fingers felt a roll. Mom brought "Menthos" again! There were no "droppies."

But Jason hoped! Sometimes a droppie fell in the bottom of the purse. His fingers felt--Aha--there was a round candy. He could feel the DZ droppie. His hand came out of the purse. The droppie went between his open lips and his pre-watered mouth. Like always, it tasted a bit like mom's perfume. Loose droppies are that way. Jason sucked on the droppie while he saw the wine poured high, the bread broken, the shiny cups and plates passed around. While his mother ate a piece of bread, he sucked on a DZ droppie.

Children, I don't need to tell you that Jason was bad. I'd like to point out something else though. A sermon was being acted out before Jason's eyes. He could see it. Rev. Van Dyk held the bread up high and broke the strips so everyone could see. He poured the wine. Jason could even hear the wine being poured into the cup. The sermon was not only being seen, but touched, chewed, and swallowed.

The Lord's Supper shows the main point of the Gospel. Christ's body was broken--the bread preached that. His blood was shed on the cross for forgiveness of sins--the wine preached that. Jesus commanded His disciples, those who believe and follow Him, to remember His death on the cross until He comes again. Children, these are holy moments!

You may not be there to touch, taste, eat or drink the bread and wine. Only those who have been converted, are grown-up, confessed their faith in God, and show they are Jesus' disciples, may be at the table. But you may watch! You may remember! You may worship! And God will bless you as you do, just as He blessed your mom or dad when they were there.

DZ droppies only make you thirsty. Only the body broken, and the blood shed, will satisfy thirsty and hungry souls.

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