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Banner of Truth Radio Broadcast Radio Ministry of the Free Reformed Churches of North America

Written by Rev. C. Pronk
A special concern needs to be brought to your attention. It is that our funds have been getting very low. For quite a few years we were using up a rather large estate. These funds are now depleted. We are thankful to say, however, that just as our funds were very low, an estate donation for $10,000.00 was left to the Chatham church. The consistory decided that this money should be used for a special purpose, rather than for their own budget, and so this donation was forwarded to the denominational evangelism and radio fund. The Chatham consistory is to be commended for their generosity and we see God's good care in providing for the continuation of this ministry. We also received quite a few donations made on behalf of a member of the Langley, B.C. congregation who recently passed away. Mr. Cor Houweling was not only instrumental in the founding of the Free Reformed Church in Western Canada, but also in starting the radio ministry in that area. We thankfully remember his encouragement and the enthusiasm he displayed when people responded to the Word of God.

As you know, we do not request donations from our listeners, since your committee believes that the radio ministry is part of our Gospel outreach and we as churches and individual members are responsible to obey the commission of Christ to make the Word known to all peoples (Matt.28:19,20). At our Synod meeting in June it was discussed whether to increase the annual member assessment. It was felt that we should not do so, but leave it to our members and churches to raise the additional funds.

We continue to receive responses and requests for copies of messages from far and near, even during the summer months. An interesting development is that since last winter, some of our messages are used as part of a Lutheran sponsored radio program in Norway.

In view of the above, we make our needs known and heartily commend this cause for your prayerful support.

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