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Written by Mr. Peter Langbroek
Here's a riddle. Why are fish so smart? They swim in schools! I suppose you know that a school of fish is a group of fish. But let's suppose there was a real Fish School. Every morning you'd take the bus to the ocean, dive into the sea, swim to the ocean bottom, sit on a shell, and listen to what Mr. Barracuda had to teach you. What would he say? Would he tell you how he swims so fast, how he darts between the coral before your eyes can blink?

Now let's suppose you'd fly to a maple tree to Bird School. You'd land on a branch and perch beside the swallows to hear Miss Swallow teach you. What would she say? Would she tell you how she flies those fancy loops while she snaps at mosquitoes in mid-air?

Suppose you dig like a mole in the earth. You listen quietly with the worms to hear the earth speak. What will it say? "Nonsense, you say, "that's silly!"

But ... boys and girls, it's not as silly as you think. The animals and earth do teach us. Ask the birds; talk to the earth; listen to the fish. They will teach you something very important. Listen: the hand of the Lord has done this (see Job 12:7-10).

Yet, animals are walking, flying, swimming, crawling teachers. They tell you God is almighty. In whose hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of all mankind (Job 12:10).

You know, we are smarter than animals because we're made in God's image. Animals can't pray, read, talk, write, sing, use pencils, or build sand castles. God teaches us more than a lion and makes us wiser than a wren (see Job 35:10,11). Yet we can be so very dumb, so very deaf, so very absent-minded about our Creator.

A long time ago, God spoke to a man named Job. He taught him in a storm and asked him who made the world, sea, land, stars, planets, animals, plants, ... Job answered, I know that thou canst do everything and that no thought can be witholden from thee (Job 42:2). When God spoke, Job trembled and humbled himself.

Job heard from God what the animals were teaching. Boys and girls, when you're in school or at home, I hope your teacher or parent will teach you about animals. I hope you learn what they're teaching you. But remember, God teaches you when you hear His Word. The Holy Spirit teaches you when He speaks in your heart. Listen to Him.

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