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Dedication Service of the Free Reformed Church of Langley

Written by Leonard Wubs
The worship service of dedication of the Free Reformed Church of Langley was held on Friday, August 15th in the new church building. The dedication service was conducted by pastor J.W. Wullschleger. The dedication program began with the singing of our Sunday School classes of the Psalter 348: "With joy and gladness in my soul, I hear the call to prayer". After the opening, the pulpit Bible was placed on the pulpit by elder W. Floris and a number of scripture passages were read regarding the continuity and the enduring nature of God's Word.

In the words of dedication, pastor Wullschleger noted with thankfulness the blessing of the Lord upon every aspect of this building project. He prayed on behalf of the congregation that the Lord would bless the preaching from our pulpit and keep us united in the truth and fellowship of His Word. In conclusion, he prayed with the words of Ephesians, chapter 5, that the Lord would "sanctify and cleanse His church" to His eternal glory by the "washing of water by the Word".

The well known words of the prophet Isaiah found in chapter 40, were read in connection with the text for the sermon which was 1 Peter, chapter 1, verse 25a: " But the word of the Lord endureth forever." In his sermon, the pastor emphasized the centrality of God's Word and the pure Gospel preaching in the church. He described three aspects of God's word, namely; its Abiding Character, its Operation, and the Testimony of His Word. He reminded us that the words of Isaiah contain the same basis and comfort as we find in 1 Peter 1, namely, that the eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached to men whose life on earth is "as the flower of grass" which Òfadeth away.Ó This Gospel must be preached to all nations, even to the ends of the earth. This Gospel is also "preached unto you." It is a personal message with a personal application. It demands a response. We are called to heed that Gospel message and to seek forgiveness for our sins and eternal refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ.

After the service, greetings and words of congratulations were given by representatives of various neighbouring churches. A special message from the former pastor of the congregation, pastor P. VanderMeyden, was read. Pastor VanderMeyden recalled how often other church activities, such as assisting the Bellevue congregation and mission work, took precedence during the last fifteen years. He also reminded us that a dedication of a church building should also bring each of us to a renewed and strengthened dedication of our hearts and lives to our Lord Jesus Christ and to His service. Greetings were also received from churches in the east. They are appreciated as reminders of our unity and brotherhood through Jesus Christ our Lord.

May the Lord richly bless many in our community through the preaching of His almighty word. "Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.Ó ( Ephesians 3:21 )

The congregation of Langley would like to thank all who have contributed or participated in any way to make this event possible.

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