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Beautiful Name of Free Reformed

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
In an interesting Clarion article entitled, ÒA Flag in the Church?Ó J. Faber (who I surmise is Dr. J. Faber, once my esteemed Professor of Dogmatics) writes something complimentary about our churches, or rather, about our churchesÕ name. ÒThe name of the Free Reformed Churches is the name also of our sister churches in Australia and South Africa and I like it even better than Canadian Reformed. The beautiful name of Free Reformed reminds us of the struggle of our forefathers and foremothers in the Secession of 1834 in the Netherlands. It was a struggle against hierarchicalism and caesarism. There was not only the domination of the so-called higher ecclesiastical assemblies Ñ hierarchicalism Ñ but also the lordship of the state over the church which we call caesarism.Ó

Well said, Dr. Faber; thank you for the compliment! We do not wish to make preferences as to the nationality of our members or of our guests, and consider it prudent therefore to label ourselves ÒFree.Ó

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