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Written by Mr. Peter Langbroek
RUMBLE! BOOM! CRASH!!!! Poor Becky woke up startled. She ran upstairs. "Mommy, mommy!!!!Ó Mother was in the lazy boy chair reading a book by the window. RUMBLE! BOOM! CRASH! "Mommy, I'm scared!!!" Becky jumped onto Mother's lap and clutched her neck.

What's wrong sweetheart?" asked Mother, as she gently rubbed Becky's back.

ÒThe noise! It scares me!" Becky pressed her face against Mother; her tears soaked into Mother's soft pink housecoat.

ÒYou mean the storm? Don't be afraid of the storm, Becky. Don't you hear God speaking?"

Becky thought for a moment. "Is God mad, mommy?Ó

"No, sweetheart. That's not what He's saying.Ó Stand up a minute. I'm going to open the blinds." Mother got up, opened the blinds, and returned to the chair. Becky climbed onto MotherÕs lap again. The sky lit up. For a brief second Becky could see the porch, David's tricycle in the backyard and the greenhouses where Daddy worked. Just then, RUMBLE! BOOM! CRASH!

"Let's play a game Becky. Next time we see lightning, we'll both count to fifteen." They waited a while. Then, light streaked the sky. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen." RUMBLE! BOOM! CRASH! Becky and Mother laughed. "Lightning is always before thunder. The storm is still quite far away." Then Mother took her Bible from the table next to the chair and turned the pages to Psalm 29.

"Let me tell you a story before you go back to bed. Long ago, there was a king in a big palace in a city called Jerusalem. He was a wise king who feared God with all his heart. He loved to play his harp, and he loved to write songs which praised God. These were not ordinary songs, Becky. God helped him write them so they were the most perfect songs you could think of. Do you know which king I'm talking about. I'll give you a clue. He once was a shepherd who killed a giant named Goliath.Ó

"David"! cried Becky.

"You're right!" Mother smiled at her. ÒWell, one day David thought of a song. He remembered the storms he watched when he was in the wilderness hiding from King Saul. They were scary storms. Big black clouds rolled up the sky over a big sea. The winds were fierce. The waves on the sea got bigger and bigger. The sailors made sure they were on land at that time.Ó

ÒBut the clouds did not stay over the sea. They rushed over the land. Oh, the deer and the foxes knew a storm was coming, long before the people did. They hid in their burrows or under anything to protect themselves. The clouds made the sky dark over the big forest--a forest of huge cedar trees. Then RUMBLE! BOOM! CRASH! Split, bang!"

ÒWhat happened, Mommy!"

"A big piece of cedar tree came crashing down! Then the thunder shook the hills and the forest. The storm didn't stop at the forest. No, it kept moving over the wilderness. The thunder rolled and the lightning lit up the dark sky. The lightning hit the oak trees and twisted its branches. But you know something, Becky? David wasn't scared."

"Why, Mommy?"

Raindrops hit against the big window. The thunder and lightning had stopped. ÒBecky,Ó Mother replied, "that storm was bringing water to a river far away. The river would bring water into Israel. The rain would water the land so plants could grow. David knew that our God is powerful. The God who gave the land of Israel to His people was the God Who created the storm. The storm was God's voice which he knew and trusted. And you know something Becky? He remembered the ark in the tabernacle next door. From there, he could hear people shouting. It was as if he could hear the whole world shouting: GLORY! Do you want me to read that song, Becky? We can even sing a Psalter that goes with it. Then, you're back to bed."

"Yes!" Becky hugged her Mother while she read Psalm 29. "Give unto the Lord, 0 ye mighty, give unto the Lord glory and strength...Ò

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