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From the Editor

Written by Rev. H. Overduin
There is so much reason to be energetic and excited in reference to the work of missions and evangelism. The Gospel tidings are inestimable and indispensable! (Romans 6:23 & John 3:36) The time is short! (I Corinthians 7:29a & Colossians 4:5) And what says the Scriptures? The Word of the Lord will not return to Him void! (Isaiah 55:11 & Ecclesiastes 11:1) Through the blessing and power of God no work can be as significant and successful as the witness of the Gospel to others.

Exactly because this is so, however, Satan also is constantly scheming to prevent or obscure the witness of the Gospel of Christ in this world, as you will notice from the mission reports. Therefore, with all Gospel witness there ought to be much prayer and intercession that God will give the increase and manifest His saving power.

We bless God for the opportunities of witness available to us, for all the workers on the front-line and the prayers and supporters in the churches. Keep on keeping on in humble dependency upon the triune God of salvation, acknowledging in song with uplifted headed as expressed in the Psalter selection based on Psalm 72:

Unto God Almighty, joyful Zion sings;
He alone is glorious, doing wondrous things.
Evermore, ye people, bless His glorious Name,
His eternal glory through the earth proclaim.

Yes! For
"Christ shall have dominion over land and sea,
Earth's remotest regions shall His empire be."

This issue includes pictures and profiles of the Mission Workers and the Word and Deed workers we support in Guatemala. The Annual Report of our radio ministry, the Banner of Truth, is included in this issue. We trust that all these reports are beneficial for your information, reflection, and prayers. May this issue of Mission News be a means to promote holy enthusiasm for the furtherance of the cause of the Gospel in this world so full of misery.

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