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Written by Mr. Peter Langbroek
Kimberly sat in OpaÕs chair with him that Sunday after church. OpaÕs right arm was around her while his left arm lay limp on the armchair. Kimberly looked around the room. OpaÕs walker was by the chair. On the wall was a picture of Opa and Oma. Kimberly remembered OmaÕs kind smile. She always liked to hug Kimberly, and her purse was always full of Òsnoepies.Ó

On the table next to the chair was that plate, the pretty light blue plate with flowers around it. Kimberly loved to trace her fingers over its design. There were words in the middle that she didnÕt understand. She tried to say them out loud, ÒMare ik vertrow up you o Here, min ...Ó

Opa interrupted Kimberly. ÒMaar ik vertrouw op U, o Heere, mijn tijden zijn in Uw hand.Ó

ÒWhat does that mean, Opa?Ó

ÒIf youÕre scared because a big dog is chasing you, who do you run to?Ó


ÒYou go to Daddy because heÕs big and strong. You trust him. Take off my watch my little girl.Ó

ÒWhy, Opa?Ó

ÒI want to show you something.Ó Kimberly pulled off OpaÕs watch strap. She put the watch in his hand. Kimberly looked up into OpaÕs light blue eyes.

ÓKimberly, my little girl, God has had my life in His hand like I have this watch in my hand. ItÕs still ticking and the Lord knows how long it will tick. IÕm happy God holds my life and no one else.Ó

Opa looked up at the picture of Oma and Opa. ÒWhen we got married we lived in scary times. The Germans dropped bombs in Holland and sent wicked soldiers to rule our country. It was not a nice time to marry, but we loved each other.Ó Opa looked at the pretty light blue plate. ÒThe minister preached this text when we got married. It says in English: But I have trusted in thee, O Lord: I said, Thou art my God. My times are in Thy hand (Psalm 31:14,15). It wasnÕt easy during those times, but your Oma and I learned what that text meant, and we learned to pray what it says.Ó

Opa looked at the picture on the wall. His eyes were watery. He closed His hand over his watch. ÒTrust in the Lord, my little girl,Ò he said.

Some time later, Kimberly sat with her dad in the front pew in church. DadÕs arm was around her. In front of the church was an easel with the picture of Oma and Opa. On the table beside the easel was that pretty blue plate. Beside the table was the casket. KimberlyÕs eyes were watery. Daddy kissed her ear. ÒOpaÕs in heaven, my little girl,Ó he whispered.

The minister was preaching: ÒBut I trusted in thee, O Lord: I said, Thou art my God. My times are in Thy hand.Ó Kimberly looked at the new watch she got for Christmas. ÒTrust in the Lord, my little girl.Ó

Children, trust in the Lord. 1997 is in GodÕs hand.

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