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Youth Page Story

Written by Mrs. Doreen Tamminga
A large group of people stands gathered at the door of a great stone castle. Their feet shuffle on the ground, raising dust just as they raise their voices to be heard over all the noise. Young and old are gathered there; women and children are seen among the men and grey-headed. They have come from far, from all over the countryside. What has brought them here? A stranger has visited their country, and told them of a great Prince who has invited them to his castle. The stranger also told them the way to the castle. And the people? What did they do with the stranger’s message? Many of them went to find out if his invitation was true, but many more stayed home; they were too busy, tired, lazy, or didn’t believe his message. But the people who went began the journey to the castle wondering what they would have to do to be allowed in to see the Prince.
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