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Believing & Having the Holy Spirit [2]

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This message is a continuation of last week in which we are studying from Luke 1 and 2 about being filled with the Holy Spirit, what that means and how that shows in our lives. Looking especially at the Bible's testimony of Elizabeth, Zacharias, Simeon, and also Mary, the mother of Jesus, all four of whom were so blessed by and with the Holy Spirit, notice with me the following seven truths about God the Holy Spirit and believing and having Him in you and with you!

Last time we saw three ways the Spirit shows Himself when you are filled with Him and being truly led by Him. Believing and having the Holy Spirit is all about knowing the Spirit and holding Him dear as the Spirit of divine direction in the way of Christ, the Spirit of divine revelation all about Christ, and the Spirit of divine concentration especially on Christ. Still looking at various verses in Luke 1 and 2, must we not say too, the Holy Spirit is clearly the Spirit of dedication as well, working dedication and commitment in the way and service to Christ? Notice how Elizabeth becomes dedicated in encouraging Mary in her faith, saying especially in verse 45 to Mary, "And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance [fulfillment] of those things which were told her from the Lord.

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