Psalter 435

My soul, with holy awe remember,
The Lord, in brightest majesty,
At Horeb's mount, gave there His statutes,
And spake these words to hear and see:

Verse 2
"I am the Lord, thy God and Savior,
I, out of bondage set thee free,
Delivered thee from slavish labor;
Hence, serve no gods, but Me!

Verse 3
"Adoring idols are transgressions;
I am the Lord, a jealous God;
I'll punish to four generations,
Bless, who in righteous paths have trod.

Verse 4
Thou shalt not take the Lord's name idly;
Nor vainly use or falsely swear
A treacherous oath, for they are guilty,
Who sinfully do not forbear.

Verse 5
The sabbath-day shalt thou keep holy,
Remember, sanctify and rest;
For God, has hallowed to His glory
The sabbath worship, which He blest.

Verse 6
Honor thy father and thy mother,
So that thy God, who lives for aye,
Bless all thy efforts, with His favor
Prolong thy life from day to day.

Verse 7
Thou shalt not kill, nor give offenses,
Break not the wedlock. Do not steal
Thy neighbor's goods. Bear no false witness;
Walk in God's law with fervent zeal.

Verse 8
Thine heart, shall never from thy neighbor
Covet his house, his wife, his food;
Thy soul, shall as thy mouth, with honor
Sing praises, for the Lord is good!"

Verse 9
Grant grace O Lord, that we may treasure
Thy law, and faithfully rejoice
In Christ alone, with strength and pleasure
Serve Thee, with thankful heart and voice.

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