Psalter 406

Verse 1
Praise ye the Lord among His Saints,
New songs of gladness sing;
Let Zion's children praise and bless
Their Maker and their King,
Their Maker and their King.

Verse 2
Yea, let them praise His blessed Name
With all abounding joy,
The sounding timbrel and the harp
In songs of praise employ,
In songs of praise employ.

Verse 3
The Lord takes pleasure in His saints,
He is His people's strength,
And He will glorify the meek
With victory at length,
With victory at length.

Verse 4
Ye saints, by day and night rejoice,
Exult and joyful stand,
Jehovah's praises in your mouth,
His sword within your hand,
His sword within your hand.

Verse 5
This is the glorious judgment giv'n:
His saints shall rule the earth;
Then bless the Lord, His glory tell,
And celebrate His worth,
And celebrate His worth.

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